5 Crystals to Carry for Good Vibes When You Travel

Your next vacation will positively rock.

Cultivating good vibes can come from doing lots of things, like handwriting affirmations, being compassionate with yourself and spreading kindness to others, or regularly engaging in a personal wellness routine. Heather Askinosie, co-founder of inspirational crystal jewelry company Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You ($28), recently taught us how crystals can fit into the mix, especially when you go on vacation, serving as literal touchstones for tuning into grounded, balanced, and centered energy — no matter where you are. “Holding onto a crystal while engaging in deep breaths is way find peace even in the midst of chaos,” she says. “It’s really as simple as that.”

Feel a little bit funny about traveling with crystals? Askinosie says that is totally normal. “If you’re traveling with crystals, you’re going to get some looks from TSA,” she admits. “I’ve been on the receiving end of many a confused glance! However, sometimes you’ll make a friend too. One time, I was on my way home, and in addition to the handful of small crystals that I usually pack, I had a large quartz point in my luggage that I was bringing for my mom. I waited as the TSA guy searched my bag, and when he found the quartz point, he looked up at me. Instead of asking why I had a rock in my bag (per usual), he said, ‘I love crystals!’ Then showed me his shungite necklace.”

According to Askinosie, good vibes and friend-making powers aren’t in the crystal itself — they’re in you. “Crystals aren’t doing the work, you are. Think of a crystal as an ally that can help you on your journey; it’s a tool that you can use to get to where you want to go,” she says. “When you begin to lose sight of the path you want to travel, you can hold your crystal and visualize how to reach the destination of your dreams.”

5 Crystals to Carry When Traveling

“Crystals carry a positive energy and help you to spread the joy they bring you,” Askinosie explains. “Someone recently asked me what you should do if you lose a crystal on your travels, and my answer was just to let it go. Be happy that someone else will discover that crystal and begin their own journey with it; one of the best things you can do with a crystal is to pass it on.” Ready to jet set with the right rocks? Here are five crystals Askinosie says are perfect to travel with.

1. Amethyst: “Amethyst is one of the best crystals for travel because it’s known for soothing anxiety and encouraging you to relax,” Askinosie explains. “Amethyst also urges you to enjoy your adventure. By shielding your spirit from negative energy, amethyst [promotes]… a safe and peaceful journey. Meditate with amethyst each day to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.”

2. Shungite: “I always recommend shungite for travelers because when you’re at the airport or train station, there are a lot of tech devices around you that emit EMFs (electromagnetic fields). To limit your exposure to the EMFs cast off by these devices (as well as ground yourself in emotional stability), carry a piece of shungite.”

3. Moonstone: According to Askinosie, moonstone has long held the reputation as a traveler’s stone and is said to bring good fortune. “This stone is also good when you begin feeling homesick as it can lift your mood,” she says. “I always like to add a piece of moonstone to my luggage so it doesn’t get lost!”

4. Labradorite: Consider this one your destiny stone; Askinosie tells us it’ll guide you to find the most fulfilling path on your journey or adventure. “Labradorite brings about clandestine energy to fill your trip with days of perfection; carry it in your pocket or purse on your travel adventure to align with the unlimited potential of the universe.”

5. Rhodonite: Last but certainly not least, Askinosie sings the praises of rhodonite as a powerful stone to carry in foreign or unfamiliar surroundings. “This stone will help you see how your actions are perceived by locals,” she explains. “Make deeper connections with people as you travel and protect yourself with the energy of rhodonite.” She suggests placing rhodonite next to your bed as a reminder to nurture yourself.

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