7 Color Trends That Will Be Huge in 2024, According to Color Experts

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7 Color Trends That Will Be Huge in 2024Pieter Estersohn

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Color trend forecasters from across the world tapped into the cultural and design zeitgeists to predict which palettes will be popping up the next year—and it looks like life will be a lot bolder in 2024. Color experts are predicting that people will be much more adventurous with their color choices with bright pinks, playful aquas, and rich browns leading the charge. Of course, neutrals will never go out of style, but they are warming up with buttery and blush tones rising in popularity. All experts also agree color will be more personal than ever in the coming years.

"Color is a language and as such plays an elemental role in personal self-expression," says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. "Some will be turning to bold colors but others will be looking to softer neutrals and calming pastels. There are no rules, it is really about how one feels on any given day and what resonates at the moment."

The colors we surround ourselves with inherently affect our mood and express our own personality. Choosing the perfect shade to paint your walls in or to dress in ultimately comes to personal preference. For those ready to take the colorful plunge, these are the seven color trends that will dominate 2024, according to color experts.

Bringing Back the Blues

Blue is just one of those colors that will never lose popularity due to its innate connection to the natural world. Wadden predicts that there will be a shift from verdant tones to more airy and watery colors in late 2024 and early 2025. This shift inspired Sherwin-Williams to name Upward, a light denim blue with gray undertones, as their official color of the year.

"It's a feel-good color that really people can relate to," notes Wadden. "For the next year, it's all about creating tranquil spaces, respite spaces, but done in this really beautiful, soft, breezy color that I think is really going to resonate."

Pressman agrees that blues will have a major moment in 2024, further adding that livelier shades like teals and aquas will be popping up everywhere.

Pressman says, "Our desire to spend time in nature coupled with our focus on health and wellbeing is coming through in refreshing, watery aqua blues as well as cooler, serene and meditative blue shade. Vivid teals and turquoise shades play into this as well as do herbal, oxygenated greens."

Valspar recently named Renew Blue, a midtone blue-green, their color of the year, further establishing this shift to more playful shades of blue. Additionally, C2 Paint opted for a more aqua shade, Thermal, as their color of the year noting its fresh and versatile qualities.

newport beach home by designer suzanne rheinstein and architect gil schafer
Pieter Estersohn

Earthy Greens

Approachable and muted greens aren't going anywhere in 2024. The nature-inspired hues evoke a calming quality that most people find comforting. This fresh and nurturing sense is what inspired British brand Graham & Brown to name a midtone green, Viridis, their color of the year.

Along with earthy tones, deep greens are also predicted to make a splash in the upcoming year. Paint company Dutch Boy named Ironside, a deep and comforting green, their color of the year, illustrating this move to darker colors embodying elegance.

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Lustrous Yellows and Oranges

VERANDA is making our own prediction that radiant yellows and oranges will be the "it" shades for 2024. Our Color of the Year, Electric Amber, illustrates the luminous beauty that these two shades hold—especially when blended together. Inviting and captivating, electric amber shines in design when showcased in textiles, jewelry, and even gardens.

VERANDA isn't the only brand noticing the rising interest in sunny shades as HGTV Home named Persimmon their color of the year. This trend even carries over to the fashion industry with trend forecasters WGSN and Coloro naming Apricot Crush their color of the year for 2024.

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Unapologetic Pinks and Reds

Barbie's reign over culture will continue to prosperous in the upcoming year. Sherwin-Williams, Dunn-Edwards, and Pantone all predict vivacious shades of pink will continue to rise in popularity as feel both nostalgic and optimistic. Shades of blush and baby pink will also remain a staple as proven by the British paint & wallpaper company, Little Greene, which announced the soft pink neutral Masquerade as their color of the year.

"As we see the shift to warmer stone colors as consumers move away from cold greys, we also predict a natural transition towards earthy pink," says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene. "Masquerade is a timeless on-trend tone that brings a natural tranquillity into the home."

Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing, notes shades in the red and terracotta families will also see a resurgence in the next year."Red is really emerging, and we haven't talked about red probably since the 1990s," says Wadden.

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The Dark (And Chic) Side

On the opposite end of the spectrum, rich and deep colors will play an integral role in balancing the bright and light shades that will be seen in the next year. The shades vary from deep chocolate browns and interesting blacks to deep navies and forest greens.

"High-contrast colors are going to be important to counterbalance all the brightness of the pinks," explains Wadden. "It's sort of the yin and yang factor. you need that contrast to assert itself and calm things down a little bit."

Behr celebrates the timeless allure of these rich shades with their color of the year, Cracked Pepper.

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Intriguing Purples

Purples can feel a little intimidating to work with, but experts urge that the color is extremely versatile. Pressman notes that "intriguing purples and lilacs" help empower people to stand out and experiment more with color.

Wadden adds that more muted, softer purple shades will also rise in popularity in the forthcoming year. The reason is that they're a nice companion to pinks, blues, and greens, adding depth or vibrance depending on the shade of purple.

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Warming Neutrals

Neutrals continue to heat up with warm off-whites and buttery tones becoming the new go-to's among color experts and designers. Paint companies like Sherwin-Williams and Glidden—who named honey-forward Limitless as their color of the year—predict these colors will provide an energized yet solid base to color palettes.

Wadden further adds that one of the reasons warm neutrals are currently loved by designers has to do with lighting. "When we talk to designers, a lot of them mention that LED lighting really impacts color, and it makes things much cooler," explains Wadden. "So, you see the rise of warmer colors when you have to sort of counterbalance all that coldness."

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