5 cocktails that are perfect for beer lovers

here are 5 cocktails where beer is the main ingredient. 1. Beer Watermelon Shandy . in addition to being delicious on their own, beer and watermelon also make an excellent cocktail blend. 2. Pale Ale & Lime with Mango Juice. Take a Corona, slowly pour a little bit of mango juice in, and top it off with a lime wedge. It’s a tropical, fruity version of the classic Corona with lime. 3. Beeritas . This quick and easy recipe for Beeritas involves 2 frozen limeades in a pitcher mixed with tequila, triple sec, and 2 beers. Serve over ice with ample limes. 4. Beer Brunch Cocktails With Tequila. Move over mimosas! Beer is becoming the new brunch drink. 5. Grape Beer Cocktail. this recipe includes mashed grapes, ice cubes, lemon-lime soda, and beer, garnished with a hint of mint and a slice of lime