5 Chic Shoulder-Length Hairstyles For Women Over 40 To Try This Spring, According To Celebrity Hairstylists

According to celebrity and professional stylists, a haircut that can enhance facial symmetry and volume is the most flattering choice. If you are over 40 and experiencing hair loss or thinning, styles that create the illusion of more movement and thickness are recommended.

To help you achieve the most symmetrical look this spring, we consulted hair experts for five timeless medium-length haircuts and styles that not only add volume to thinner tresses but also accentuate eyes, cheekbones, and other features. Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Gina Rivera, celebrity hair stylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites, Jean Will, hair expert and co-founder of NiaWigs Inc., Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles.


5 Elegant, Medium-Length Haircut Ideas For Women Over 40 For Spring 2024

1. Wispy Lob with Curtain Bangs

Will suggests adding wispy, parted fringe to a classic layered, face-framing lob for not only a more youthful look overall but also to hide any thinning or hair loss at the crown. "This hairstyle is perfect for women over 40," she explains. "It will help hide their forehead [and any signs of wrinkling or natural aging] to look younger. It is suitable for women who have thick hair, as well as thin."

Will points out that this style can emphasize your eyes and cheekbones. Abdullah agrees, adding that this cut, as seen on Kerry Washington, requires longer fringe worn down or parted down the center. This "flatters just about any face at any age," she notes. Curtain bangs, she explains, "neatly frame the face while drawing attention away from serious aging signs."

This "type of fringe cut creates a soft, natural-looking wave at the top of the head," Abdullah adds and says they are often used to frame the face and "specifically, to give it a youthful appearance." The style is "easy to achieve," Abdullah continues, and "looks great on many different hair types."

Abdullah also points out that curtain bangs will always be in style because they can "make your face appear smaller and slimmer when they come down to cheek level."


2. Wavy Lob with Sideswept Bangs

Rather than blunt fringe or baby bangs, Rivera recommends side bangs, as seen here on Glenn Close. These, she says, "detract from the appearance of fine or limp hair and can add dimension to a style."

In addition, side bangs can also "be styled in a variety of ways which can lead to the hair appearing fuller."

Pairing a bob with this is a "great cut for thin fine hair and this can be styled in so many ways which brings versatility to a cut," Rivera notes. Ultimately, she says, side bangs are "huge right now and a great way to add more to a short style."

3. Asymmetrical Lob

If you want a cut with plenty of volume and a standout quality, look no further. Rivera swears by a blunt asymmetrical lob for women over 40, as seen on Gal Gadot, due to its ability to "keep the fullness at the ends which is great for fine, thin hair."

When dealing with thin hair with age, she says, you want to "avoid hairstyles that have a lot of layers, as this can make the hair collapse and appear thinner." Lobs are also great, she says, because you can "add volume by styling them appropriately." Blunt hairstyles can make hair appear fuller.

"A good rule of thumb is keeping the length from shoulders and above, she advises. She suggests a deep-parted asymmetrical lob to try since its "changing lengths in the hair make it a very trendy and current style," while also being timeless.

4. Layered Shaggy Lob

To achieve the voluminous cut similar to Halle Berry's, ask your stylist to begin by cutting your hair into a collarbone-length lob with bouncy layers that frame your face.

Additionally, consider adding wispy fringe to the style to create a more youthful appearance and camouflage any hair loss or thinning at the crown. Featuring bangs that can be styled down or parted in the center, this haircut has the natural ability to enhance the symmetry of your face and accentuate your eyes and cheekbones.

A shag is an "amazing cut that is well-recognized for being versatile," Rivera says. A quintessential shag, as seen here, offers "nice variations for both longer and shorter hair." Like the bob, "adding a bang can add a fresh surprise to this look," Rivera suggests.

5. Blunt Wavy Lob

Scarlett Johansson's blunt, slicked-back and wavy lob is "such a popular look right now," Rivera says. She adds that "one of the main reasons for that is the fact that you don’t have to commit to shorter [chin-length] hair and it’s versatile."

This lob is also a classic way to "create a youthful look." In addition, this 'do allows for the "removal of damaged ends" and its one-length "creates a lot of opportunities for styling," according to Rivera.

"This style is darling tucked behind an ear or just worn down," Rivera goes on, and Johansson did this on the red carpet, proving her point!

The Bottom Line

Rivera suggests that although these nine hairstyles are failsafe options, there are numerous classic, transformative and timeless hairstyles to consider beyond those mentioned.

The key to finding your perfect look is understanding your facial structure and seeking guidance from a professional stylist.

Additionally, Rivera advises that it’s best to always "consult with your stylist on a maintenance schedule but for those trying to regain hair health, make sure to trim every 4-6 weeks."