5 Celebrity Passport Photos That Broke The Internet

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People have high expectations for celebrity passport photos, thinking that the stars will have perfect looks and be well-groomed while smiling for the camera. However, the dull reality of passport requirements is something that even the famous and wealthy have to deal with occasionally. Along with following all of the criteria to a tee, these five celebrity passport photos broke the internet with their genuineness, unexpected charisma, and, in a few instances, hilariousness.

Beyoncé Knowles

Even Queen Bey has to play by the rules when it comes to passport shots. A fan’s exclusive sneak peek at her passport photo set the internet ablaze. Unlike her glamorous stage persona, Beyoncé appeared bare-faced, with minimal makeup, and her hair pulled back into a simple ponytail. Her natural beauty charmed fans around the world.


Singer Prince’s passport photo is a famous example of his distinct style. Prince uploaded the photo on Twitter in 2016, and it instantly went viral. In the photo, Prince’s hair is styled in his distinctive afro. He is also wearing a small mustache. Prince was known for his flamboyant flair and love of bold colors and patterns, and his passport photo perfectly captures his personality and legacy.

Barack Obama

Obama’s passport photo, like his presidency, exudes a sense of calm and composed confidence. Captured in a moment of stillness, it reveals a man accustomed to the public eye but also someone who values the privacy and routine aspects of life. The image reflects his steady and cool demeanor, essential during his tenure as president.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald’s passport photo captures her timeless beauty and grace. In an era where glamour and poise were highly valued, Fitzgerald’s photo reflects the elegance of her time. Her hair, typically styled in a classic fashion of the mid-20th century, frames her face with a touch of sophistication. Whereas most passport photos display stoic neutrality, Fitzgerald’s photo reveals a genuine warmth and a hint of a smile.

Muhammad Ali

One striking feature of Muhammad Ali’s passport photo is his strong, chiseled jawline and piercing eyes. Even in this seemingly mundane image, his features exude strength and determination. His eyes appear focused and unyielding, much like his resolve both inside and outside the boxing ring.