5 Brilliant Lighting Trends to Try in 2023

Sorry, bright overhead lights are out.

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“Let there be light,” isn’t just an old adage, it's also an important rule when designing your home. Adding the right light to a room can make it feel larger, and even cleaner. Looking to transform a space (almost) instantly? Switching out a lamp or installing a new sconce or overhead fixture can make all the difference. The hard part is choosing what you want. Here are five lighting trends to consider, according to design pros.

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<p>Urban Outfitters</p>

Urban Outfitters

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have been on-trend for a while now says Chelsea Marks, co-founder of Paynes Gray. “Wall sconces are big right now. We see lots of people opting for wall sconces next to the bed rather than the usual table lamps. They are also used in baby nurseries, kitchens, and entryways," she says.

Do you have a small bedroom? Swap out those lamps on the nightstands for wall-mounted sconces instead. This not only saves space but also cuts down on clutter. To install a shaded sconce—no wiring necessary—consider replacing the lightbulb with a battery-powered puck light.

Interior designer and HGTV star Francesca Grace shares a similar sentiment. “I think this really stems down to the desire for more mood lighting, which sconces can do so well. We're seeing them in natural materials, like plaster, marble, ceramic, and even more transitional brass styles. We're here for them.”

To buy: Bradley Sconce, $49, urbanoutfitters.com.



Bell Jar-Shaped Lighting

Bell jar-shaped lighting is making a comeback according to Mark D. Sikes, who just launched his third capsule collection with Hudson Valley Lighting Group. “There was a wave of modern lighting designs and now I find that the classic bell jar is coming back. I love the design of a bell jar. It is timeless, feels important and relevant again," he says.

To buy: Antique Brass Mini Pendant Lighting, $300, amazon.com.



Picture Lights

As traditional styles become more prominent, Marks tells me picture lights are starting to become more popular. “What once was a more traditionally dignified look is being brought into more casual homes. A picture light over a piece of artwork in the living room or hallway can really polish off a room.”

Picture lights are a great finishing touch when you're looking to add just one more detail or decorative element.

To buy: Jolie Polished Brass Picture Light Sconce, $179, cb2.com.



Statement Lamps

Need a new focal point for a room? Why not try a fun statement lamp? “Another huge trend that is here to stay, and again we love, are statement lamps. This means stripes, patterns, and color,” says Grace. “It's an easy way to add some character to any corner of a room. And as a maximalist, I find you can never have too many statement lamps.”

Statement lamps can also look great in monochromatic rooms or any space that needs a dose of color.

To buy: House of Hackney Scalloped Lamp Shade, $188, anthropologie.com.



Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can be a smart choice for homeowners and renters who like to combine technology and style. “Controlled with an app or voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, smart lighting provides convenience and safety. From changing colors to set a mood, to turning on or off or dimming automatically, control is no longer confined to a wall switch. Smart lighting also offers a layer of protection, making it easy to give the appearance of an occupied home when the owners are away,” says HGTV star and interior designer Shay Holland. 

Smart light bulbs are also a great choice for anyone who wants to turn an existing fixture or lamp into smart lighting. “Even for someone who strives for a more low-tech lifestyle, smart lighting frequently has a battery-backup option that can provide peace of mind knowing that the lights will stay on even in a power outage," Holland says.

To buy: Philips Hue Dimmable Smart Bulb, philips-hue.com.

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