The 5 Best Sex Positions To Fire Up A Loving Leo
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Let’s crank up the heat with the best sex positions for Leo! The fifth sign of the zodiac, fire sign Leo—born between July 23 and August 22—is known to be charismatic, outgoing, confident, and courageous. And that self-assured, warm, regal vibe shows up in the bedroom more than anything else. Expect multiple rounds of giving-and-receiving pleasure, playing with high-end toys or wearing couture lingerie, role-playing, and luxuriating in the finer things in life (fancy candles, dessert, silk sheets).

Ruled by the fiery sun, Leos are usually passionate, enthusiastic, even occasionally theatrical lovers who will openly share their wants and needs, owning their sexuality and sexual prowess in a dynamic way. Whether they’re telling their...

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