The 6 Best Home Warranty Companies in Colorado | 2022

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Whether you live in Denver or Grand Junction, your heater works overtime to keep your house warm during the cold Colorado winters. To safeguard this system—and other important home appliances and systems—consider investing in a home warranty.

A home warranty is a contract for which you pay monthly or annual fees to repair or replace systems and appliances when they break due to normal wear and tear. If a problem arises, the warranty provider covers the cost (up to your coverage limit), and you pay only a small service call fee to the repair technician. In this way, a home warranty can prevent you from unexpectedly spending thousands of dollars out of pocket.

To help narrow down your search for the best home warranty in Colorado, the Home Service Research Team examined a variety of top home warranty companies, comparing plan options, coverage, pricing, and customer service. The prices we include in this review reflect sample quotes for a single-family home under 5,000 square feet in Windsor, Colorado. Because home warranty pricing will vary based on your home and location, we recommend getting quotes from several providers.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Colorado

Best Overall in Colorado: American Home Shield

  • Number of Plans: 3

  • Monthly Cost: $41, $51, or $66 per month

  • Service Fee: $75, $100, or $125

Our Take

American Home Shield (AHS) is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the home warranty industry. Since its founding in 1971, it has expanded its coverage to serve Colorado residents. AHS currently serves more than 1.7 million customers and has paid an estimated $2 billion in claims since 2013, a sum that's growing each day.

This provider checks all the boxes, offering customizable plans with comprehensive coverage, 24/7 customer service, and extra features and benefits such as discounted HVAC tunes-ups and coverage for code violations.


American Home Shield Pros and Cons

American Home Shield Plans & Coverage

AHS offers three plans: the ShieldSilver Plan, the ShieldGold Plan, and the ShieldPlatinum Plan. The ShieldSilver Plan protects the systems that keep your home habitable, such as your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The ShieldGold Plan covers those systems plus kitchen and laundry appliances, such as your stove, refrigerator, and washing machine.

The ShieldPlatinum Plan rolls all of the aforementioned coverage into the most comprehensive plan, with the addition of a few extra features like an HVAC tune-up, roof-leak repairs, and an added $3,000 to the appliance per-item coverage limit.

Here's what each home warranty plan covers:

American Home Shield Plan Add-Ons

American Home Shield offers the following add-ons that can be purchased with any of its three standard plans:

  • Pool or spa

  • Guest unit under 750 square feet

  • Septic pump

  • Well pump

  • Electronics protection

American Home Shield Plan Cost

Since AHS lets you customize your plan's rate by choosing from three service call fee options, you have the opportunity to pay less per month for coverage. If you want a cheaper monthly payment, consider choosing a higher service fee. Better Homes & Gardens readers can also save an additional $50 off their policy when getting a quote and signing up.

Here's a breakdown of our sample quote monthly prices with each service call fee option:

Prices for the add-ons range from $4 to $24 per month depending on which one you select. For example, in our quote, septic pump coverage was the cheapest add-on at $4.17 per month, while pool and spa coverage was the most expensive at $23.75 per month.

Our Opinion of American Home Shield

Overall, American Home Shield is a good option for homeowners who want a trustworthy provider with high coverage limits and comprehensive plan options, as well as people who value customer service. AHS agents are available 24/7 for submitting claims, and its nationwide network includes more than 30,000 contractors ready to repair or replace your items. You can also hire your own service technician as long as they are pre-approved by AHS.

However, American Home Shield may not be the best for those looking to fine-tune their contract with more additional coverage options since it provides only five add-ons. Get a free quote from American Home Shield by filling out this online form online or calling 844-529-9298.

Best for Older Homes: Choice Home Warranty

  • Number of Plans: 2

  • Monthly Cost: $47 or $55 per month

  • Service Fee: $85

Our Take

Since its founding in 2008, Choice Home Warranty has protected more than a million homes nationwide. Choice is our pick for 'Best for Older Homes' because it covers any system or appliance, regardless of its age. Like most providers, Choice will not cover preexisting conditions. Unlike many companies which request repair records when servicing older systems and appliances, Choice does not require a home inspection or maintenance records.

Choice's Basic Plan covers a variety of home systems, making it a great option for homes with older systems that can be very expensive to replace. If your home has outdated equipment, you don't need to fear expensive repair costs when secured by a Choice policy. Choice also has a $3,000 coverage limit for appliances, which is higher than many other companies, making it a great option for older equipment that may need costly repairs.


Choice Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Choice Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Choice offers two plans: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. The Basic Plan protects a combination of 14 home systems and appliances, including your heating system and dishwasher, and the Total Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan plus adds coverage for your air conditioning, laundry machines, and refrigerator.

Here's what each home warranty plan covers:

Choice Home Warranty Plan Add-Ons

Choice Home Warranty offers 10 optional add-ons, which can be purchased with either the Basic Plan or Total Plan. The optional add-ons include the following items:

  • Pool and spa

  • Additional spa

  • Limited roof-leak coverage

  • Stand-alone freezer

  • Central vacuum

  • Second refrigerator

  • Well pump

  • Septic system

  • Sump pump

  • Septic tank pumping

Choice Home Warranty Plan Cost

When we requested a quote from Choice Home Warranty, it quoted the Basic Plan at $47 per month or $532 for the year. Choice listed the Total Plan at $55 per month or $627 for the year. The company provides a five percent discount on annual plans compared to the month-to-month coverage pricing. Additionally, Choice charges $85 for each service call fee, which is a fee you pay every time a technician comes to your home to make repairs.

Here's a breakdown of our sample quote prices monthly and annually:

Choice's add-ons are more affordable compared to other providers. They cost between $3 and $15 extra per month, whereas other companies charge around $5–$25 per month depending on the item. For example, Choice charges around $3.33 per month, or $40 per year, for additional coverage on central vacuums, second refrigerators, stand-alone freezers, and sump pumps. It charges an extra $15 per month, or $180 per year, for pool and spa coverage.

Choice Home Warranty is offering $50 to Better Homes & Gardens readers when getting a free quote. You could also qualify for one month free by paying annually.

Our Opinion of Choice Home Warranty

We recommend Choice to homeowners with older equipment, since it doesn't deny coverage based on age and has a generous per-item limit of $3,000, which is higher than many competitors. Additionally, Choice covers all components and parts of important home items, such as your washer and dryer, refrigerator, and air conditioner, with your warranty. This is not always the case with other providers. For instance, most home warranty providers won't cover cosmetic parts, such as knobs or dials.

Choice might not be a good fit for those looking for more plan options and customization, since Choice offers only two coverage plans with set prices and service fees. Get a free quote from this provider by filling out this short online form or calling 929-400-6165.

Most Dependable: Liberty Home Guard

  • Number of Plans: 3

  • Monthly Cost: $40, $45, or $50 per month

  • Service Fee: $60

Our Take

Liberty Home Guard is a relatively new player in the home warranty industry, but its inexpensive $60 service call fee and comprehensive coverage have caught our attention. Liberty's three plans are similar to many other companies' plans, with one plan covering appliances, one covering home systems, and one comprehensive plan that rolls all the coverage into a single, convenient package.

If Liberty's combination Total Home Guard plan is insufficient, it offers 30 additional items on an a la carte basis, including pool protection, electronics protection, and even pest control.


Liberty Home Guard Pros and Cons

Liberty Home Guard Plans & Coverage

Liberty Home Guard offers three standard plans. The Systems Guard plan includes six major systems, the Appliance Guard plan covers nine appliances, and the Total Home Guard plan combines protection for the items in the Systems Guard and Appliance Guard plans.

Here are more details about what each home warranty plan covers:

Liberty Home Guard Plan Add-Ons

Liberty Home Guard offers 30 optional coverage add-ons, which is the most compared to the other providers in this review. Here are the items that customers can add to any of Liberty Home Guard's three plans:

  • Pool and spa

  • Well pump

  • Additional spa

  • Stand-alone freezer

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Floor and carpet cleaning

  • Lawn sprinkler system

  • Swamp cooler

  • Second refrigerator

  • In-fridge ice maker

  • Wine cooler

  • Generator

  • Grinder pump

  • Instant hot water dispenser

  • Sump pump

  • Central vacuum

  • Septic system pumping

  • Limited roof-leak coverage

  • Re-key service

  • Pest control

  • Water softener

  • Electronics protection

  • Ejector pump

  • Trash compactor

  • Freestanding ice maker

  • Saltwater pool

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Water dispenser

  • Reverse osmosis system

Liberty Home Guard Plan Cost

In our sample quote for a home in Windsor, Colorado, we were offered the Systems Guard plan at $45 per month, the Appliance Guard plan at $40 per month, and the comprehensive Total Home Guard plan at $50 per month. It also offers an inexpensive service call fee of $60, making it a great option for minimal out-of-pocket costs during a claim.

Here's a breakdown of our sample quote monthly prices:

Since Liberty Home Guard offers an extensive list of add-ons, pricing can vary depending on what you need. Standard coverage for items like sump pumps, central vacuums, water dispensers, ice makers, second refrigerators, and stand-alone freezers all come at low prices under $5 per month. Some of the more unique options come at higher prices. For instance, flood cleaning is $17.49 per month and saltwater pool coverage is $27.49 per month.

Getting a free quote from Liberty Home Guard through Better Homes & Gardens can qualify you for up to $200 off, two months free (if paying annually), and free roof-leak coverage.

Our Opinion of Liberty Home Guard

Although it has fewer years of experience than other home warranty providers in the industry, Liberty Home Guard is a good option for those who want quick service and an extensive list of add-ons to help customize coverage. However, this provider might not be the best option for those who want a comprehensive systems-only plan, since its Systems Guard plan only covers six items.

The company reports that the majority of its claims are taken care of within 24 hours, which makes it the most dependable for getting technicians out quickly to service your equipment.

Get a free quote from Liberty Home Guard by filling out this online form.

Best Discounts: Select Home Warranty

  • Number of Plans: 3

  • Sample Quote: $41–$47 per month

  • Service Fee: $75

Our Take

Select Home Warranty offers an affordable combo plan at $47 per month and a standard $75 service call fee, making it our top choice for homeowners who want affordable and comprehensive coverage. Its Platinum Care plan is the cheapest comprehensive combo plan compared with other providers.

Although Choice Home Warranty also offers a combo plan—the Basic Plan—at $47 per month, it's less comprehensive than Select's combo plan, excluding coverage for your air conditioning, refrigerator, clothes washer, and clothes dryer. Select also provides customers with free roof-leak coverage in all three of its plans, which is a rarity in the home warranty industry.


Select Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Select Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Select Home Warranty offers three coverage plans: the Bronze Care plan, the Gold Care plan, and the Platinum Care plan. The Bronze Care plan covers appliances, such as your dishwasher and refrigerator, and the Gold Care plan covers systems such as your air conditioning and plumbing. The Platinum Care plan, similar to many companies' combo plans, covers both appliances and systems, protecting 17 items.

Here's what each home warranty plan covers:

Select Home Warranty Plan Add-Ons

If you want additional coverage for other items in your home not covered under a standard Select Home Warranty plan, you can add the following items to your plan for an additional monthly fee:

  • Central vacuum

  • Lawn sprinkler system

  • Pool

  • Spa

  • Septic system

  • Stand-alone freezer

  • Sump pump

  • Well pump

Select Home Warranty Plan Cost

Select Home Warranty's Platinum Care plan costs $47 per month, or $499 per year if you pay for a 12-month plan in advance. The Gold Care and Bronze Care plans both cost $41 per month, or you can pay $430 per year if you pay for a 12-month plan in advance.

With each quote, Select also offers two months of coverage for free to customers who pay annually. Essentially, customers can get 14 months of coverage for the cost of 12.

Here's a breakdown of our sample quote monthly prices:

Select Home Warranty's add-ons cost under $10 per month, with coverage for central vacuums, stand-alone freezers, sump pumps, and well pumps all priced as low as $3.33 per month. This is cheaper than most other providers' additional coverage options, which typically fall between $5 and $20.

Our Opinion of Select Home Warranty

Since its combination plan costs only $47 per month, which is cheaper than comprehensive plans from most providers, and many of its add-ons are a few extra dollars per month, we recommend this provider to homeowners in Colorado looking for affordable coverage.

However, Select's $500 appliance coverage limit is significantly lower than other providers, so it may not be best for those who need extensive appliance coverage. Get a free quote from Select by filling out this online form or calling 888-370-3956.

Most Comprehensive Claim Coverage: First American Home Warranty

  • Number of Plans: 2

  • Monthly Cost: $36 or $46.50 per month

  • Service Fee: $85

Our Take

First American Home Warranty is our top choice for homeowners who want comprehensive coverage. The company's Premier plan covers your electrical system, heating system, and plumbing without limits, meaning First American will pay for the repairs for those items regardless of how expensive they are. The few items that do have specified coverage limits, such as kitchen appliances, have one of the highest coverage limits in the industry at $3,500.

We were also impressed with First American's First Class Upgrade, which costs $9 per month and provides coverage for the cosmetic parts of systems and appliances, such as knobs, dials, and filters, which typically aren't covered by home warranty plans. In addition, the upgrade includes coverage for improperly installed equipment, costs for disposing broken equipment, building permits, and code violations.


First American Home Warranty Pros and Cons

First American Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

With First American, shoppers can choose between the Basic plan and the Premier plan. The Basic plan covers appliances, such as a dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator, and the Premier plan covers systems and appliances. Keep in mind that while most other home warranty companies offer air conditioning coverage as part of their core plans, First American only offers it as an add-on option.

Here's what each home warranty plan covers:

First American Home Warranty Plan Add-Ons

Although First American doesn't offer as many add-on options as other providers, its additional coverage options are both comprehensive and affordable. For example, the central air conditioning add-on is priced at $9 per month and comes with unlimited coverage caps. Here's a complete list of the add-ons offered with each plan:

  • Central air conditioning (electric)

  • Additional refrigeration

  • Pool and spa equipment

  • Well pump

  • First Class Upgrade (covers cosmetic parts, improperly installed equipment, disposal costs, building permits, and code violations)

  • Septic tank pumping and system

  • HVAC tune-up

First American Home Warranty Plan Cost

Since neither of First American's plans include coverage for air conditioners, they are more affordable than most competitor plans. Based on the sample quote we received, the Basic plan, which includes eight appliances, costs $36 per month or $396 per year. The Premier plan, which covers 16 items, costs $46.50 per month or $522 per year.

Here's a breakdown of our sample quote prices:

Of the seven add-on options offered by First American Home Warranty in Colorado, the pool and spa equipment coverage is the most expensive at $17 per month. All other options fall under $10 per month. The air conditioning coverage and First Class Upgrade are both $9 per month, and the cheapest add-on is the HVAC tune-up option at only $2 per month.

Our Opinion of First American Home Warranty

First American stands out for its generous coverage caps and a valuable coverage upgrade option. It might not be the best provider for those looking for air conditioning coverage included in their standard plan, since this coverage is only offered as an add-on for an extra $9 per month. However, we recommend First American to homeowners looking for coverage that includes cosmetic components, haul-away or crane fees, and improperly installed equipment. It also has one of the highest coverage limits for appliances in the industry at $3,500.

You can get a free, personalized quote from First American Home Warranty by calling 800-891-9778 or filling out this online form.

Best for Contractor Choice: Priority Home Warranty

  • Number of Plans: 3

  • Monthly Cost: $33 or $47 per month

  • Service Fee: $70

Our Take

Priority Home Warranty is one of the fastest-growing home warranty companies, offering basic and comprehensive plans with flexible payment options and 24/7 customer service. The company has a tech-savvy approach to home warranties, with live tracking for claims, a user-friendly customer portal, and a two-step claims process.

Like many home warranty companies, Priority allows customers to select the service contractor they prefer for a repair or replacement covered under their warranty. Customers can move forward with a home repair or replacement project quickly using a technician they trust while still being backed by their policy.


Priority Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Priority Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Priority Home Warranty offers three plans: Systems Home Care, Appliance Home Care, and Total Home Care. The Systems Home Care plan is best for covering major systems, such as your air conditioning and heating. The Appliance Home Care plan covers major appliances, including your refrigerator and dishwasher. The Total Home Care plan, which covers both major systems and appliances, provides the most comprehensive coverage. Here's what each home warranty plan covers:

Priority Home Warranty Plan Add-Ons

Priority Home Warranty offers 20 additional coverage options beyond coverage for home appliances and systems that can be purchased with any plan:

  • Ice maker

  • Second dishwasher

  • Second tankless water heater

  • Second clothes washer

  • Second clothes dryer

  • Second refrigerator

  • Second oven/range/stove

  • Second air conditioner

  • Standalone freezer

  • Septic pumping

  • Septic system

  • Water softener

  • Tankless water heater

  • Central vacuum

  • Sump pump

  • Well pump

  • Limited roof-leak coverage

  • Pool and spa

  • Saltwater pool system

  • Over 5,000 square feet

Priority Home Warranty Plan Cost

Priority Home Warranty offers home warranty plans starting at $1 per day, with flexible payment options available depending upon your needs. Priority Home Warranty offers the Systems Home Care and Appliances Home Care plans for $33 per month each and the Total Home Care plan at $47 per month, regardless of location. Plan prices will vary depending on any add-on coverage you include with your plan.

The company offers an online promotional discount of $150 off plus three months of coverage with the purchase of an annual plan. Month-to-month and 15-month contracts are available in addition to annual contracts.

Here's a breakdown of our sample quote prices monthly and annually:

Priority Home Warranty's add-ons are more affordable than those offered by some of the company's competitors. Prices for additional coverage range from $3 on items like an ice maker or second freezer to $27 for a saltwater pool system. Most pools and spas can be added for $15 and coverage for a septic system or limited roof leaks costs $10 and $6, respectively.

Priority Home Warranty is offering $150 off and three months free to Better Homes & Gardens readers when getting a free quote.

Our Opinion of Priority Home Warranty

We recommend Priority Home Warranty for its affordable rates and flexible service contracts that include an easy process for reimbursement if you select your own contractor for a home repair. Priority is a good fit for homeowners who prefer an online service option, since the company's simple two-step claims process can be completed directly through the website. Priority Home Warranty's website also offers 24/7 customer support via chat in addition to a 24/7 customer service line.

However, Priority has limited state availability and therefore is not a good option for Colorado homeowners who may be relocating or considering a move to one of the states outside of the company's coverage area. The company also charges a cancellation fee of $50 if a contract is cancelled after the first 30 days for any reason.Get a free quote from Priority Home Warranty by filling out this short online form or calling 954-228-2343.

Verdict and Recommendation

Owning a home can come with unexpected costs and headaches, from waiting for your heater to be repaired during a cold Colorado winter to rushing to hire a technician for your broken refrigerator before your food spoils. Home warranty companies offer peace of mind that your equipment will be taken care of when an item breaks due to routine use and prevent you from spending thousands of dollars out of pocket for necessary repairs.

After digging into sample contracts, speaking with customer service representatives from each company, reading through hundreds of customer reviews, and comparing providers on coverage and pricing, we found American Home Shield to be the 'Best Overall' provider for its plan customizability, high coverage limits, and comprehensive ShieldPlatinum Plan, which includes unique benefits like a free HVAC tune-up and free roof-leak repairs.

Since quoted prices can vary depending on your location and house details, our primary recommendation to our readers is to get custom quotes from at least three companies and compare plan pricing and coverage.

Home Warranty Rating Methodology

The Home Service Research Team at Better Homes & Gardens strives to provide unbiased and objective reviews to readers by compiling relevant information on home warranty companies and rating the providers on a variety of factors.

Here's what our review process looks like:

  • We examine each provider's website to determine plan details, coverage, customer service offerings, and other benefits. We also speak with company representatives to get more insight on plan details.

  • We read sample contracts from each home warranty company to analyze and compare coverage details, limits, and exclusions.

  • We read at least 100 third-party customer reviews for each home warranty company to determine the real-life benefits and drawbacks of each provider.

  • We gather cost information for a variety of home warranty plans in different states by completing online quote forms and speaking with sales representatives to simulate the quote process.

  • We revisit each company's offerings on a seasonal basis, ensuring that we include the most up-to-date information in our reviews.

We also created a 100-point rating system to score companies based on objective factors, such as plan options, coverage, and customer service:

Overall, the Home Service Research Team has reviewed over 70 home warranty companies to select the top-rated providers in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which home warranty provider is best?

American Home Shield scored 'Best Overall' in our independent review because of its comprehensive plan options and high coverage limits. However, different homeowners will require different levels of coverage. While American Home Shield is our top pick, we recommend getting quotes from several providers before making a purchase to compare pricing and coverage plans.

What is a coverage limit?

A coverage limit is the maximum amount that your home warranty provider will pay toward a repair. For instance, if you have a coverage limit of $2,000 and a repair costs $2,500, you'll have to pay $500 out of pocket.

If I purchase a home warranty, how soon can I request a repair?

The majority of home warranty companies, including all companies in this article, have a 30-day waiting period before you can request service.

What is the difference between a home warranty and home insurance?

Homeowners insurance typically protects your home from events like theft, fire, and smoke, or damage caused by weather. A home warranty plan covers the cost to repair or replace parts of home appliances and systems that break down over time.