The 5 Best Body Hair Trimmers for Men, From Braun to Gillette

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If you’ve ever tried trimming your body hair in custom lengths—as opposed to just shaving it all off—then you know the importance of a device that gives you control over the process. There’s no shortage of things that can go wrong when you take a blade below the neck, and the last thing you want is a little nick on a sensitive area or a rogue bare strip of skin down the middle of an otherwise hirsute chest.

That’s when the best body hair trimmers for men come in handy. And to identify them, here’s what you’re looking for: “A powerful motor and clean, sharp blades are a must when buying a body trimmer. These qualities will ensure you can do the job with minimal passes and less irritation and nicks,” says Mike Gilman, founder of the men’s grooming retailer Grooming Lounge (which has its own line of tonsorial products). An ergonomic design can make all of the difference, too.

And, as everybody wonders, is it okay to use the same trimmer on your beard as your body? It really depends on the features of the device; sometimes body trimmers have slightly buffered or coated teeth to protect the delicate skin around the body (like in the armpits and groin). And beard trimmers can be limiting since their teeth are upright when you hold the device.

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There’s one other thing to factor in if combining a beard and body trimmer, though: “The main drawback to using a single trimmer for both is the unsanitary nature of using the same tool on your crotch and face,” Gilman adds. “This could lead to infection and is generally just kind of gross.” Still, if you want to keep your products to a minimum, then he says to look for the following in a hybrid beard-and-body trimmer: “different-sized guards to make sure one is not scraping themselves; maneuverability [in design] and lightweight; stainless steel blades; and a strong motor.”

Bottom line, make sure to use some kind of guard over the blades if the teeth themselves aren’t buffered with extra distance, or coated to prevent nicks and tugging. And don’t over-trim on the first pass: “You can always take more off, but once the hair is gone, it’ll take time to grow it back,” Gilman says.


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