5 awesome DIY reading nooks that little bookworms will love

Building a book nook for your kids is a great way to get them excited about reading. Creating an environment that’s conducive to reading will help kids feel inspired to curl up with a book. Thanks to the numerous book nooks featured on TikTok, it’s easier than ever to get ideas and inspiration no matter the size of your space or budget. From a closet to a secret hallway, here are 5 awesome reading nooks to unleash your child’s inner bookworm.

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1. Closet Reading Nook

Turn a closet into a warm and homey reading nook. The filmer begins by clearing out a walk-in closet. Next, they paint the walls a soothing pistachio color. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to decorate. The filmer hangs a large paper crane on the wall and a few white bookshelves. A woven lamp hanging from the ceiling emits a comforting glow while gold mirrors shaped like ovals give the small space more depth. Since no reading nook is complete without comfortable seating, the filmer completes the room with a plush, low-ground armchair and printed floor pillow.

2. Under The Stairs Reading Nook

Instead of decorating a cozy corner of the house, this family on TikTok opted to build a new room underneath the stairs to use as a reading nook. They started the project by creating an entrance in the wall next to the back of the stairs. Then, they installed flooring and insulation in addition to other construction. The newly renovated reading nook, covertly located next to the household cleaning supplies, features hardwood floors decorated with soft pillows and a floor cushion. A wooden backboard separates the nook from the staircase and also serves as a bookshelf.

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3. Secret Hallway Reading Nook

The words “surprise” and “delight” don’t come close to describing this reading nook with a secret passageway. The filmer gives viewers a tour, starting with the large barnyard wooden entrance door. They slide the door open to reveal rows of bookshelves filled with books and a staircase leading to a lofted bed with blankets and pillows where kids can curl up in front of a large window.

4. Outdoor Reading Nook

If you live in an area with consistently warm weather, why not take the library outside? This outdoor reading nook is located in a garden and includes a wooden bench with pillows and crates filled with books. An assortment of art hangs on the fence behind the bench, framed by a bamboo arch with vines and hanging purple flowers.

5. Reading Nook With A Canopy

A hanging canopy makes this reading nook especially dreamy. The clip features an easy step-by-step tutorial for styling a reading corner. Begin by placing a circular rug or mat in a corner in your child’s room. Hang a fabric canopy above the carpet, then add a chair and an assortment of pillows. Complete the space with a woven basket filled with your child’s favorite books.

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