5 Affordable Dupes for the Ubiquitous Vintner’s Daughter Serum

Mia Maguire

Vintner’s Daughter’s now iconic Active Botanical Serum dropped back in 2015, and after just a few years on the market has far surpassed the cult-level status, amassing an impressive fan following among editors, makeup artists, and celebrities, including wellness-obsessed Gwyneth Paltrow, model Hilary Rhoda, and Naomi Watts. Before we get into the best Vintner’s Daughter dupes, let’s first address why this facial oil is so universally beloved, despite its jaw-dropping price point. This miraculous, multi-use oil has been touted for its vast array of skin-enhancing benefits and its uncanny ability to work on nearly any skin type and apparently improve just about any skin condition, from clearing recurring acne flare-ups, softening fine lines, and fading acne scars just to name a...

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