The 49 Best Beauty Products of 2023, According to Glamour Readers

It’s been 20 years since the Glamour Beauty Awards first made its (obviously gorgeous) debut. During the last two decades we’ve tested thousands of the best beauty products that have permanently changed our—and your—routines. From the best affordable drugstore makeup to the dreamiest skin care products on the market to the absolute best things to use to enhance your natural curls, it’s been a joy to celebrate the products we genuinely adore—the ones that not only make us look amazing but the ones that make our daily routines easier, more luxurious, or simply more fun.

However, the beauty space is becoming increasingly crowded (Does that celebrity really need a skin care line? Asking for a friend!) and we’re all faced with so many choices that it can feel daunting to even entertain the idea of updating the contents of our makeup bags or investing in a new hair dryer. And that’s what makes our annual Readers’ Choice category so important—we love learning about and sharing the best beauty products you can’t get enough of year after year; the products you willingly spend money on, repurchase, and evangelize.

As always, we received thousands of votes when asking you to weigh in on the best beauty products of 2023—including makeup, skin care, and hair tools—and we’re excited to showcase them all below. Some of this year’s winners are from young but undeniably viral brands while others are tried-and-true classics, but all 49 have been chosen by you, our readers. And for that we, as always, can’t thank you enough.