45 Times People Rummaged Through A Thrift Store And Left With A Strange Treasure

1. A mounted Brontosaurus head:

2. A threatening Beanie Baby shirt:

3. Assless jeans:

4. A polio vaccine card:

5. A McDonald's Happy Meal toy case:

6. A table with legs:

7. A peach-shaped tea kettle:

8. A keyboard waffle iron:

9. A neon delivery sign:

10. A two-foot-tall headless vase thing:

11. A signed poster of the cinematic classic, Cats (2019):

12. A Prince portrait made of seeds:

13. An owl radio:

14. A cursed photo frame:

15. A signed photo of Erik Estrada:

16. A Mister Rogers' Neighborhood T-shirt:

17. Whatever this is:

18. A tiny model of a horse skeleton:

19. A giant Campbell's bin:

20. These cats performing a seance:

21. A chicken purse:

22. A big wheel of plastic cheese:

23. A big watch clock:

24. A cabinet with an attitude:

25. A sweatshirt that can panic with you:

26. A T-Rex shower head:

27. A Crayola calculator:

28. A plate with a fry-loving bird:

29. A fancy dog mom with her dog child:

30. A Playboy bunny swivel chair:

31. A mug with a photo of someone holding a mug:

32. A Pac Man table:

33. A Nicolas Cage sequin pilllow:

34. A crab pot:

35. A globe bar:

36. A disco Kermit doll:

37. A mason jar fused with what appears to be a candle stick:

38. A ceramic hand:

39. The phone from The Matrix Reloaded:

40. A whole bunch of Goosebumps books:

41. A Hitchcock Barbie:

42. This coffee table that's shaped like a stack of books:

43. A Kid's Choice Award:

44. A bellhop trolley:

45. And finally, a baby Shrek doll:

H/T r/ThriftStoreHauls