Upgrade your closet with these best-selling organization hacks—now up to 45% off

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Complete your organization roundup with these hot items. (Source: Amazon)

Are you tired of folding clothes over the weekend and finding them cluttered by Tuesday? Good news—you’re not the only “shove it in the drawer and be done with it” person out there. It’s why organization hacks and tricks are a dime a dozen. But these hacks won’t be a success without the help of good organization products.

Now’s the time to stop dumping your clothes on the clothes chair. Grab these top-selling items on Amazon and get your bedroom organized:

With these clever hacks, storing your clothes will be easy and fun

A fully organized closet with several metal bars provided for hanging clothes.
The Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit will have your closet neat and tidy in no time. (Source: Amazon)

$149.99 at Amazon

If you’ve been dreaming of a walk-in closet, this closet kit from Rubbermaid is an affordable answer. All you need is a clean wall to hang the wire shelves and telescoping rods that make up the set. Not only does it organize your clothes, it also makes for a great display. Prop your favorite shoes and bags on the shelves, along with some accent pieces. As for the rods, you can pair them with cute hangers to store your favorite pair of pants or dresses without wrinkles. This easy-to-install closet kit includes everything you need to set it up, so you don't need to hire a handyman for the job.

Tiered hangers that condense space.
MORALVE Space Saving Pants Hangers are a great way to condense space in your closet. (Source: Amazon)

$25.49 $35.99 at Amazon

Speaking of cute hangers, these durable space-saving organizers are multi-functional and super-efficient. Since they’re made from sturdy wood, they can carry scarves, ties, skirts and even your heavy-duty jeans. In addition, you don't have to remember which way to hang up your clothes, because you can just use the swiveling hook to make adjustments.

Three stacked storage bag organizers.
These storage bag organizers are real lifesavers. (Source: Amazon)

$16.99 $29.99 at Amazon

Changing seasons means tucking some clothes away. So, prepare for the summer by hiding your fall and winter wardrobe in this storage organizer. This sturdy bag has twice the load-bearing capacity of typical storage bags. Aside from clothes, you can use it for storing blankets, towels and bedsheets. It’s also lightweight, portable and foldable, thanks to its thick, sewn-in handle and a metal-free frame.

These best-selling storage hacks are an affordable way to get your life together (at least when it comes to your closet and bedroom). Get them on Amazon and save up to 45%.

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