43 Graphic Designers Who Did THAT, And By "THAT" I Mean The Opposite Of A Good Job

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1. These three — count 'em, THREE — churros:

2. *Cues the National Anthem at volume 1,000*:

3. ✨Psychic of Dumb✨:

4. This ✨priceless✨ souvenir from the Big Apple!!!!!!!!

5. This definitive proof that coffee and donuts go together like two puzzle pieces that don't fit together in the slightest 😌:

6. Relax...SOUP taste:

7. This dog with an absolutely terrifying, and not quite anatomically correct, smile:

8. Arial, the font's fatal flaw:

9. Hoe ❤️:

10. This graph that was made by a kid on the yearbook committee, so we'll show them a liiiiiiiittle forgiveness:

11. This big blowout "slae" 😌:

12. This cute decor to remind you of hame ❤️:

13. This country-confused card:

14. This ice cream graphic that elicits a slight eyebrow raise:

15. BE 👏 UNA 👏 POLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

16. This unintentional doo-doo–smear keyboard cover:

17. You heard it here first!!!!!!!!

18. Just, like...what happened here...?!?!?!

19. This airplane safety sign that means absolutely nothing to anybody:

20. This missed opportunity re: some low-hanging fruit:

21. This confident proclamation!!!!!!!

22. ✨Pube Grill✨:

23. Like???????

24. This seamless fish roll–to–woman transition:

25. This......quasi-gorilla of sorts...?

26. This menu that's nothing short of a 2000s Microsoft Word jump scare:

27. This instance of a designer thinking outside the box and most definitely not inside it:

28. And the same thing with this off-brand Connect 4!!!!!!!!

29. This spoon:

30. This very suspicious leg length:

Touchstone Pictures / Alamy

31. These meal sizes that are rumored to be different:

32. This unsettling visual:

33. Like, really?

34. This giant child and mini St. Bernard, who are the best of friends!!! 😌💕

35. This lil' flag mix-up:

36. This clock that is, in fact, just a wee bit "quirky":

37. This strangely marketed "milk":

38. Coffee & coffee & Ccoffeeffee:

39. This motto that should undoubtedly be on a shirt!!!

40. "My sandwich needs some more eppe":

41. This art, which you could call "abstract"!

42. I...I just truly couldn't tell ya with this one:

43. And finally, me:

H/T: r/CrappyDesign.