At 42, Rebel Wilson Is All-Over Toned In A Retro Bikini While On Vacay In IG Pics

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  • Rebel Wilson is turning up the heat in Corsica as she soaks up some sunshine floating around on a boat.

  • The actress, 42, showed off her toned bod in a black bathing suit, and her legs and arms are so strong.

  • Rebel has lost almost 80 pounds since she began her 'Year of Health' back in 2020, and has completely changed her lifestyle since then.

Rebel Wilson is living her best life right now, TYVM, and she’s got the social media posts to prove it.

The 42-year-old Senior Year star is currently making her way through Europe and she just dropped a video of herself looking super happy while chilling on a boat in Corsica. The video is simple: Rebel stands there, strong and fit in a black one-piece and matching cover-up, surveying the beautiful view. Her legs, arms—everything—are super toned. In the video, she pulls off her hat, looks straight into the camera, and flashes a huge grin.

Rebel got right to the point in her caption, writing, “Corsica 🇫🇷.”

People cheered her on in the comments. “Beautiful times a trillion. ❤️,” one wrote. “One word STUNNING,” said another.

Rebel seems to be having the ~best~ time. She also shared video of herself walking around a boat in a gorgeous pink and white bikini, along with a pic of herself hiking.

Photo credit: Rebel Wilson - Instagram
Photo credit: Rebel Wilson - Instagram

Rebel has been very open with fans about her self-proclaimed "Year of Health" back in 2020, where she completely overhauled her diet and exercise routine to lose 77 pounds.

Sure, that was two years ago, but Rebel says she’s created lifelong changes, including overcoming her history with emotional eating. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is how to deal with my emotional eating, learning to process my emotions and deal with my emotions better," she told Women’s Health. "That’s what's really changed my life for the better.”

Rebel has also made a point to try to add healthy tweaks to her favorite meals, like adding shredded carrots and avocados to her tacos.

She has been working out with trainer Jono Castano—up to seven days a week! During those workouts, Rebel worked her way through impressive moves like flipping tires, doing stair sprints, and owning the battle ropes. Aaaand she shared the evidence on Instagram for #fitspo.

Here's Rebel crushing 30 rounds of stair sprints:

And challenging the Hemsworth brothers with her superhero-esque tire-flipping training:

But Rebel doesn't make her workouts over-complicated. In fact, one of the most effective ones for her has been just going for walks. “I got all these high-tech tests done on me during my year of health," she told People. "They said that walking was actually the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat."

Now that she's hit her goal weight and has established new routines, Rebel says her workouts aren't as intense as they were back in 2020. “It's really about enjoying exercise and physical activity, so I will just go on a light walk. I’m not killing myself at the gym,” she said.

Get it, Reb!

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