41 Surreal Pictures And Videos Showing The Unreal Devastation Left Behind By Hurricane Ian

1.Hurricane Ian was one of the strongest hurricanes EVER to make landfall in Florida.

2.Nick Underwood is an aerospace engineer who has been flying in and out of hurricanes for six years. He said his flight to Ian was the worst he's ever been on. "I've never seen so much lightning in an eye."

3.Hurricane specialist Michael Lowry could barely grasp what Hurricane Ian did last night. "Just wow."

4.Even before the hurricane made landfall, the storm was doing wild things to Tampa Bay. The water literally receded there.

5.And pictures of the approaching storm were equally ominous.

6.Now, as daylight is upon us, pictures of the catastrophic damage are coming to light.

7.It's devastating.

8.The storm surge was next level.

9.This time lapse shows how truly wild it was.

10.A person trying to flee the hurricane, very stupidly, via boat.

11.Water up to roofs of houses.

12.And hotels looking like the inside of the Titanic.

13.This is what another hotel in Fort Myers looked like.

14.The scariest of all is this video inside someone's house.

15.Weather Channel icon Mike Seidel said that he hadn't experienced anything like this in over 30 years.

16.The footage he was posting was otherworldly.

17.Jim Cantore, who is another Weather Channel legend, was hit by a branch in the street.

18.This first-person view is petrifying.

19.This is what that view typically looks like.

20.Bridges have "fallen" into the ocean.

21.Just straight-up washed away.

22.The pavement on this highway was scoured.

23.The time lapses showing the storm surge are stunning.

24.Boats piled on top of each other.

25.Police trailers floating down the street.

26.Restaurants washed away.

27.Fire departments flooded.

28.This flooded newsroom.

29.The Tampa PD posted this terrifying video of a traffic light randomly crashing into the street.

30.The footage coming out of Fort Myers and Naples is especially eye-opening.

31.The Naples PD posted this pic during the storm:

32.And this is the Naples Pier. The ladder is about 10 feet tall.

33.Here's another before and after of Fort Myers Beach:

34.The videos from Fort Myers show the sheer force of the water and wind.

35."The storm surge and wind are incredible."

36.South Florida is basically underwater.

37.Millions are without power.

38.And people are just "trying to find a way to get out."

39.So now the Coast Guard is actively responding to areas cut off by the storm.

40.Fire departments are saving people from their houses.

41.And help is on the way.