41 College Graduation Gifts The Class of 2023 Will Actually Want

As a graduating college student myself, I can attest that the last four years have been the best ones of my life. And they somehow simultaneously flew by exceptionally fast, yet also weirdly slow, to the point that I sometimes thought commencement day would never arrive. But, graduation is indeed here, officially ending this chapter of my and many others' lives and ushering in an era of new beginnings. Before we look toward our vast futures, though, let's focus on the immediate priorities: grad gifts.

I get it, gift shopping for college graduates can be tricky. Other than a Peloton or Visa gift card, what could this fresh wave of full-time adults possibly want? Well, a lot more than you would probably think.

Compiled by an actual soon-to-be grad, check out the gifts below for some ideas of what we might actually want (hint, hint, mom and dad).

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