40 Tasty Bakes That Celebrate Chocolate Chips

chocolate chip cookies on a plate
chocolate chip cookies on a plate - Melissa Olivieri/Mashed

All hail the humble chocolate chip, a hero of more dessert recipes than almost any other ingredient in the baking world! No matter what sort of rich and fancy creation these mighty morsels find themselves in, they're always modest enough to make appearances in the most unassuming of treats as well. Wherever you find them, you know there's a good time to be had; they're pieces of a greater chocolate block, after all, and every bit as enchanting in their adorably bite-sized form.

With so many possibilities for adding chocolate chips to your baking life, we've put together a selection of prime picks for recipes featuring this ever-popular confectionary delight. Some of these bakes put the chips front and center, while others combine them with a cocoa-rich batter for the ultimate in chocolatey enjoyment. Every selection is a reminder that you may have to take the bitter with the sweet, but as long as there's chocolate on the plate, life can always get a little more delicious.

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Cookie Cake

chocolate chip cookie cake
chocolate chip cookie cake - Molly Allen/Mashed

Make your celebrations a little more unusual with a chocolate chip cookie that does double-duty as a cake. With sprinkles in the dough and on the frosted edge, you'll have a splash of fun color to go with the delicious brown-sugar-and-butter classic flavor of an oversized chocolate chip cookie. It's perfect for a kid's party, a family get-together, or a backyard BBQ with friends and neighbors.

Make your own buttercream frosting for a fresh, homemade finish to top your cookie cake in style.

Recipe: Cookie Cake

Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake

chocolate Bundt cake
chocolate Bundt cake - Lindsay D. Mattison/Mashed

There should be no shame in your baking game when you're making copycat recipes, especially when they're as enticing as this replica Nothing Bundt Cake. The dark chocolate sponge offers a dense crumb, while a web of cream cheese frosting serves as both striking décor and a tangy accent to the chocolate-on-chocolate-chip richness of the cake.

Wondering what makes this recipe so decadent? It just might be the powdered chocolate pudding in the mix.

Recipe: Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

chocolate chip cookie cake slice
chocolate chip cookie cake slice - Jennifer En/Mashed

Is it a chocolate chip cookie pretending to be a cake, or is it a cake disguised as a chocolate chip cookie? There's no reason this whimsical treat can't be both at the same time. Served in its own sizzling skillet, it's a delicious replica of restaurant-style pan cookies that end your meal on a decadent note.

If the chocolate chips aren't enough for you, the gooey chocolate sauce that goes with it is sure to hit the spot.

Recipe: Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf Cake

chocolate zucchini bread
chocolate zucchini bread - Catherine Brookes/Mashed

Need a sneaky way to get your family to eat more from the garden? How about a chocolate loaf cake that uses zucchini to add moisture and a bit of green? Once baked into the cocoa-heavy chocolate chip-studded batter, there's no trace of veggie flavor — just the sweet sensation of chocolate from the first slice to the last.

Lighten up the richness by topping this bake with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Recipe: Chocolate Zucchini Loaf Cake

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate chunk cookies
chocolate chunk cookies - Mark Beahm/Mashed

With a name like The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie, this recipe has better be pretty darned delicious. Luckily, these cookies come through in a major way. The chips can come in the form of chopped chocolate for a larger bite with a more intriguing texture, though regular morsels work perfectly as well. You can even try both as a fun way to maximize the chip factor.

Sprinkle flaked salt on top to add a bakery-level touch of contemporary magic.

Recipe: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Copycat Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies in a pile
chocolate chip cookies in a pile - Christina Musgrave/Mashed

Chain bakery Crumbl creates signature cookie recipes that dazzle customers with chewy decadence, even when it's a straight-up classic like chocolate chip. Why not make your own carbon copy at home? This delicious creation uses a whole cup of real butter and results in oversized cookies designed to delight the most finicky sweet tooth.

If you're up for an even sweeter twist, add a swipe of Nutella between two cookies for a makeshift whoopie pie.

Recipe: Copycat Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookies

Simple Mug Cake

chocolate chip mug cake
chocolate chip mug cake - Sher Castellano/Mashed

This simple mug cake is a delicious excuse to make just enough sweet stuff to satisfy your craving without going overboard. The recipe uses the same ingredients found in a full-sized cake, scaled down to solo proportions. It's a can't-miss choice for a quick chocolate chip hit.

Whip up your own 3-ingredient no-churn ice cream for a topper when the mug cake urge strikes.

Recipe: Simple Mug Cake

Chocolate Pecan Pie

pecan pie with chocolate chips
pecan pie with chocolate chips - Kristen Carli/Mashed

If there's anything that can enhance the already incredible indulgence of a pecan pie, chocolate chips are a prime candidate for the job. This modification of the classic pecan pie recipe adds depth and dimension by melting the chocolate chips into the buttery candy-like filling.

Once cooled, you can sprinkle a few extra chocolate chips on top for a garnish that lets everyone know this is no ordinary pecan pie.

Recipe: Chocolate Pecan Pie

Easy Derby Pie

derby pie with slice missing
derby pie with slice missing - Molly Madigan Pisula/Mashed

Derby Pie is like a chocolate chip cookie mixed with walnut-laden pie filling, all baked in a classic pie shell. This enticing treat arose in Kentucky in the 1950s, presenting lovers of sweet desserts with a pleasing mix of nuts and chips that balanced the sweet and sharp notes of each element.

Leftover pie will last up to 48 hours and can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. But seriously ... will there even be any left over?

Recipe: Easy Derby Pie

Sweet And Salty Texas Trash Pie

chocolate chip pie with pretzels
chocolate chip pie with pretzels - Erin Johnson/Mashed

Sweet and salty are always a winning combination, and in Sweet and Salty Texas Trash pie, the "trash" refers to all the bits and bobs that make for a textural wonderland of a baked dessert. Unexpected surprises like shredded coconut, graham cracker pieces, caramel candies, and pretzels all share the shell.

Using a frozen pie shell removes the lion's share of the work of making this easy-to-assemble treat.

Recipe: Sweet And Salty Texas Trash Pie

Easy Cannoli

chocolate chip cannoli on tray
chocolate chip cannoli on tray - Liz Capozzoli/Mashed

Crafting cannoli isn't as challenging as it might appear based on the elegant displays you've seen in bakery shops and pastry cases. Create your own, accented with mini chocolate chips, the perfect morsels for decorating your creamy filling without feeling heavy-handed or overpowering.

There's magic in making your kitchen work easier; in this instance, pre-formed cannoli shells will get your bakes to the dessert table in record time.

Recipe: Easy Cannoli

Pumpkin Cannoli

pumpkin cannoli with chocolate chips
pumpkin cannoli with chocolate chips - Michelle Morey/Mashed

If pumpkin and chocolate chip have a solid partnership in the baking world, then presenting them in cannoli form can only transform that delicious duo into a power trio. This colorful bake is ideal as an autumn treat, but thanks to canned pumpkin, you can have it any time of year.

Practice pretty piping to give your finished cannoli a professional touch. Your guests will swear you hired a private chef.

Recipe: Pumpkin Cannoli

Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookie

stack of chocolate chip cookies
stack of chocolate chip cookies - Jennifer En/Mashed

Have you ever wondered why homemade chocolate chip cookies never turn out quite as amazing as the ones at the bakery? This recipe clears up the confusion by providing a fool-proof formula for making your own bakery-style chippers at home. Box them up and give them to friends to see if they can tell you baked them yourself/

These cookies are thick and extra-dense, giving chocolate chip lovers a lot to chew on as they contemplate their favorite ingredient.

Recipe: Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - Molly Allen/Mashed

Old-fashioned oatmeal cookies loaded with chocolate chips are a nostalgic comfort food few sweet tooths can resist. The extra texture that oats impart adds complexity without feeling forced or fussy. The result is a cookie with more to offer than the standard chocolate chip bake.

Mix-ins for your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are highly encouraged. Try crushed peppermint for a holiday spin or a drizzle of homemade caramel sauce for a snazzy topper.

Recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

DoubleTree Cookie

plate of chocolate chip cookies
plate of chocolate chip cookies - Melissa Olivieri/Mashed

Made famous at the luxurious DoubleTree by Hilton, these chocolate chip cookies are brimming with morsels set into a brown sugar and butter batter that's not too shabby on its own. The hotel generously made its hallmark cookie recipe public, encouraging scores of home bakers to recreate a classic bake without having to check in for a stay.

If you prefer a crispier cookie, flatten down the cookies before baking to give it a head start once they enter oven.

Recipe: DoubleTree Cookie

Rich Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

double chocolate chip cookies
double chocolate chip cookies - Molly Allen/Mashed

Double the chocolate chips, double the fun — these should be the instructions on every package of chocolate morsels sold. The extra richness in this decadent bite is designed for the dedicated chocolate lover who can't get enough fabulous fudgy flavor from a regular chocolate chip cookie.

Topping the cookies with extra chocolate chips before baking will ensure every bite gets its fair share.

Recipe: Rich Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cowboy Cookie

tower of cowboy cookies
tower of cowboy cookies - Stephanie Rapone/Mashed

What do Western film aficionados and ex-First Lady Laura Bush have in common? They all have a sweet spot for cowboy cookies. This baked wonder uses walnuts, coconut, and chocolate chips in an oatmeal-and-flour dough to achieve a one-of-a-kind texture, making them as rough and ready as their namesake. Two bites of these campfire-ready goodies and you'll be sitting tall in the saddle.

Anyone with nut allergies can omit the walnuts or substitute raisins or dried cranberries if desired.

Recipe: Cowboy Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie In A Mug

chocolate chip mug cake with cream
chocolate chip mug cake with cream - Kit Hondrom/Mashed

The only way you used to be able to get a chocolate chip cookie in a mug is if you dropped one in there while dunking it. This inventive recipe recreates the fun of a chocolate chip cookie in the form of a mug cake-style bake that's just enough for one — unless you're willing to share with a friend.

Make things even richer by spooning a generous heap of peanut or almond butter on top. Just when you thought life couldn't get any sweeter!

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie In A Mug

Copycat Panera Bread Muffie

chocolate chip muffie
chocolate chip muffie - Stephanie Rapone/Mashed

It's not a typo; Panera Bread carries muffin top bakes called Muffies in its pastry case. But with this copycat recipe, you can skip the line and the Apple Pay and make your own muffies with generous chocolate chips in a tender, cake-like sponge shaped just like the top of the muffin (which everyone knows is the best part).

Charm guests at your next breakfast or brunch by presenting these muffies in place of the usual muffins.

Recipe: Copycat Panera Bread Muffie

Rosanna Pansino's Double Chocolate Twist Cookie

chocolate cookie on cooling rack
chocolate cookie on cooling rack - Stephanie Rapone/Mashed

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino has a cookie recipe so worthy of envy, we had to include it in our chocolate chip recipe round-up. It's a fudgy, chocolaty cookie brimming with chips for a power-packed punch of cocoa flavor that hits you right in the taste buds. You're in for a chocolate chip TKO with this fantastic formula.

As rich as this cookie appears, it's an easy bake that goes from mixing bowl to cooling rack in less than 30 minutes.

Recipe: Rosanna Pansino's Double Chocolate Twist Cookie

Best Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

hazelnut chocolate chip cookies
hazelnut chocolate chip cookies - Eric Ngo/Mashed

The Nutella craze has sharpened our taste for the fabulous hazelnut-chocolate combination. These cookies feature real hazelnuts chopped into bite-sized pieces for a blast of nutty flavor to go with the chopped chocolate and buttery dough that surrounds them.

For future use, store balled dough for this cookie in the freezer. When you're ready for another round, simply thaw and bake.

Recipe: Best Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy 7-Layer Cookie Bars

7-layer cookie bars
7-layer cookie bars - Angela Latimer/Mashed

If chocolate chips aren't enough of an enticement for you, maybe combining them with six other equally delicious layers will do the trick. Magical bars of delicious decadence, 7-Layer Cookie Bars make use of walnuts, graham crackers, and butterscotch chips to make a sweet statement few can resist.

Not sure about any of the mix-ins? Add whatever items tickle your fancy, like marshmallows or M&M's. Just about anything goes.

Recipe: Easy 7-Layer Cookie Bars

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookie with bite missing
chocolate chip cookie with bite missing - Catherine Brookes/Mashed

Almond flour steps in for good ol' wheat flour in this chocolate chip cookie variant, giving gluten-free eaters a chance to bask in sweet baked bliss. There's still butter and eggs a-plenty to provide the usual homestyle goodness, while the almond essence lingers in the background like a welcome and unintrusive guest.

Even with alternative flour in the recipe, these chocolate chip cookies are perfect for dunking in cold milk or hot chocolate.

Recipe: Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

coconut almond chocolate chip cookies
coconut almond chocolate chip cookies - Mark Beahm/Mashed

Cookies only get better when you toss in coconut and almond to go with the chocolate chips. Chewy, crunch, flaky, and buttery, this recipe captures dimensions of texture and flavor that chocolate chip fans rarely get to experience in a home bake. And they're easy, too!

Though prep and cook time take under 25 minutes, you'll end up adding a bit of time if you choose to chill the dough for firmer cookies.

Recipe: Chewy Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - Catherine Brookes/Mashed

It may seem impossible that three simple ingredients can result in a chocolate chip cookie you'll feel good about eating. But when those three ingredients are bananas, oatmeal, and chocolate chips, the combination is perfect for a wholesome bake you can enjoy guilt-free.

If you have 20 minutes and all the ingredients on hand, you have everything you need for a quick bake you can make without delay.

Recipe: 3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Triple Chocolate Gluten-Free Cookies

triple chocolate cookies
triple chocolate cookies - Catherine Brookes/Mashed

Gluten-free baked goods can be tricky, but with this foolproof recipe that triples up the chocolate, the results are beyond delicious. Gluten-free flour and a bit of xanthan gum are all it takes to replace flour for a cookie everyone can sink their teeth into. And with two types of chocolate chips in the mix, there's no getting past the star of the show.

Give your cookies a bit of time to cool and firm up after baking. They'll be worth the wait.

Recipe: Triple Chocolate Gluten-Free Cookies

Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies Copycat

copycate Levain chocolate chip cookies
copycate Levain chocolate chip cookies - Kate Shungu/Mashed

Levain Bakery makes a noteworthy — and costly — chocolate chip cookie that's inspired its own copycat recipe movement. This sneaky formula gives you step-by-step instructions for replicating a pricey snack for mere pennies on the dollar. Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie with a bargain price tag?

Balling your dough in large mounds allows you to achieve the essential texture in the center of each cookie for maximum Levain-ness.

Recipe: Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies Copycat

Deluxe Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

Toll House chocolate chip cookies
Toll House chocolate chip cookies - Jessica Morrone/Mashed

You haven't had the perfect Toll House chocolate chip cookie until you've had this deluxe version. The magic comes from brown butter, which lends a nutty, almost caramel essence to an already classic dough. The resulting cookies are the stuff legends are re-made of.

Toasted pecans in the recipe create a butter pecan goodness, though they can be left in the bag for eaters with allergies.

Recipe: Deluxe Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

Loaded Blondies

chocolate chip blonde brownies
chocolate chip blonde brownies - Kate Shungu/Mashed

Blondies, the lighter, cookie-like cousin of brownies, are a bar-style chocolate chip cookie with so much surface area, it cries out for extra mix-ins. In the best of circumstances, those mix-ins include M&M's, chopped Oreo cookies, and toffee bits. Luckily, this recipe factors in all three for a super-sweet grand slam of intense flavor.

Soft and chewy when removed from the oven, these bar cookies are best enjoyed fresh with coffee or tea.

Recipe: Loaded Blondies

Chocolate Chip Walnut Crescent Cookie

crescent cookies with chocolate chips
crescent cookies with chocolate chips - Kate Shungu/Mashed

Elegant to a fault, crescent cookies are a lovely bake that conjure images of tea time treats and lighter desserts served after an upscale dinner. These delicate walnut crescents cradle chocolate chips for a fun surprise hiding under the powdered sugar topping. It's a refreshing way to enjoy chocolate chips in a format more regal than the usual bake.

As pretty as these bites are, consider making them as holiday gifts or a cookie exchange contribution.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Walnut Crescent Cookie

Costco Copycat Chocolate Muffins

copycat Costco chocolate chip muffin
copycat Costco chocolate chip muffin - Molly Allen/Mashed

If you've had a colossal Costco muffin, you know how much like a chocolate cake loaded with chocolate chips these behemoth bakes really are. With this homemade version, you can portion out the dough for a more modest muffin that's every bit as moist and delicious as the giant ancestors that inspired it.

Chocolate chips pressed into the batter just before baking give that quintessential button look to every muffin's top.

Recipe: Costco Copycat Chocolate Muffins

Papa John's Brownie Copycat

copycat Papa John's brownie
copycat Papa John's brownie - Kit Hondrum/Mashed

Skip the pizza and head straight for dessert by creating your own copycat analog of Papa John's beloved brownie. It's chocolate overload with these chocolate chip brownies ... not that overload is a bad thing. Where chocolate is concerned, it's a fine line between too little and just enough.

You'll need a full hour to prep, bake, and cool these treats. Slice them into sensibly sized squares to prevent the sweetness from overpowering your taste buds.

Recipe: Papa John's Brownie Copycat

Chocolate Praline Layer Cake

praline cake with chocolate chips
praline cake with chocolate chips - Kristen Carli/Mashed

Pralines are an essential Southern sweet that find their way into this cake, sharing the pan with constellations of chocolate chips. There's a bit of process to preparing the pralines, baking the cake, and assembling the tiers with incredible whipped cream frosting. But anything worth doing is worth taking the time to do well, and this cake is plenty worth the trouble.

What's that, you say? There aren't enough chocolate chips in this recipe for your liking? A generous sprinkle of more chips on top should solve the problem.

Recipe: Chocolate Praline Layer Cake

Easy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

chocolate chip pumpkin bread slices
chocolate chip pumpkin bread slices - Carrie Madormo/Mashed

The blend of pumpkin and chocolate chips is a story of sweetness we love hearing again and again. With this moist, tender loaf, you'll find a trove of chocolate chips concealed in the center of the batter, as well as scattered throughout the slices. It's a creamy counterpoint to the soft warmth of the pumpkin and spice flavors.

This is the loaf to bring to an autumn dinner party or holiday dinner, if only to know there's a dessert on the table you'll be sure to enjoy yourself.

Recipe: Easy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Moist Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

 chocolate zucchini muffins
chocolate zucchini muffins - Kristen Carli/Mashed

Zucchini brings in moist texture without making a nuisance of itself in these fudgy muffins. Cocoa in the batter plus chocolate chips throughout means you'll have no trouble at all finding the sweet spot (Here's a hint: it's in every bite!).

For gardeners, using fresh zucchini will give you a chance to show off your growing skills in a bake that will impress whoever is fortunate enough to taste it.

Recipe: Moist Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Best Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread

chocolate chip mandel bread
chocolate chip mandel bread - Jessica Morone/Mashed

Mandel bread is a Jewish treat that's similar to almond biscotti, baked once for firmness, then sliced and returned to the oven to add a toasty crunch to the exposed sides and edges. With chocolate chips riding along in the batter, this mandel bread is a showstopper that pairs nicely with coffee, cocoa, tea, or cider to make mornings a flavor festival.

Wrap up a few slices in pink bakery boxes to share with neighbors. They'll adore your generosity as much as your baking talents.

Recipe: Best Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin

mini muffins with chocolate chips
mini muffins with chocolate chips - Mark Beahm/Mashed

Bite-sized muffins filled with bite-sized chocolate chips may be the most adorable recipe ever. These tiny treats are the perfect size for popping into your mouth when chocolate chips and cake are the only thing that will soothe your hunger. Remember: One at a time is best.

20 minutes is all it takes to have bakery-quality mini-treats to tempt your family into eating breakfast (that tastes like dessert).

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

sugar-free chocolate chip banana bread
sugar-free chocolate chip banana bread - Jaime Bachtell-Shelbert/Mashed

Banana bread is such a warming comfort that adding chocolate chips can only take it in exciting new directions. Removing the sugar by using apple sauce and banana to sweeten the recipe makes for a guilt-free bake that doesn't skimp on flavor. Greek yogurt adds richness, and of course, the no-sugar-added chips make the whole loaf sing.

Served with a topping of cream cheese or cinnamon peanut butter, this bread makes a sweet brunch bite with a touch of gourmet zing.

Recipe: Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Best Harvest Spice Bread

harvest spice bread with chocolate chips
harvest spice bread with chocolate chips - Kit Hondrum/Mashed

Who doesn't love a smattering of chocolate chips to add complexity to a spicy baked sweet bread? Topped with chips and chopped walnuts, all the warmest flavors of the season are present and accounted for. Except for coffee, that is — a problem that's easily solved.

Hand out these lovely loaves in pretty ceramic baking pans as Christmas gifts for friends and family. Your thoughtfulness will be dearly appreciated.

Recipe: Best Harvest Spice Bread

Best Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins - Catherine Brookes/Mashed

Skip the coffee shop pastry selections and treat yourself to homemade pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that are just as phenomenal, if not better. The marriage of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg will summon thoughts of cozy fires and cold evenings, but you can enjoy these bakes any time your heart desires. They're just that versatile!

If you aren't seeing enough chocolate chips in your finished batter, feel free to drop a few more into each muffin tin as a tasty topper.

Recipe: Best Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

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