40 Presents in Their Signature Color

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40 Presents in Their Signature ColorHearst Owned

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We all have that friend with such devotion to their signature color, we can just pick up any old thing in their hue of choice and call it a day. But there are only so many times you can give your BFF a pair of patterned pink socks or a simple blue candle. (Actually, you could give them another candle, but make it a hot pink Renaissance bust…) Show you care by going the extra mile this year and finding a present in their trademark tint that they'll actually love for its own sake.

In fact—since they do say "the more, the merrier" for a reason—if you're feeling extra-generous (or just extra), why not give them all four items in the appropriate section below? And of course, if you're gifting one of the colorful premium spirits we've recommended here, you should also grab a glass and invite yourself over for a toast. After all, gifts this good deserve celebrating.



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A sparkling silver diva knows how to shine. So they'd love to show off a glimmering pair of Art Nouveau-inspired Moonlight Grape earrings from Georg Jensen. For their at-home adventures, provide a bottle of Ketel One Vodka—each and every one is still personally taste-tested and approved by a member of the family that founded the distillery in Holland more than 300 years ago. Set the table with these faceted Etoile napkin rings, a collaboration between Baccarat and entertaining expert Kim Seybert. Serve it all on this stunning mirrored Squiggle tray from New York-based designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen.


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Your golden go-to already knows their worth, but you can still show them you think their gilded with a box of elegant gold roses from Venus et Fleur. Not the right metaphor? How about a bottle of Crown Royal Fine De Luxe to tell them you think they're the perfect blend, the standard of excellence, and matured to perfection—just like the Canadian whisky. They can shake up a drink with it in this high-design four-piece barware set from Hawkins New York. But if they'd really rather people look at them, these dangling Stardew earrings from We Dream in Colour—a Massachusetts-based, Black-owned, self-funded independent jewelry line designed and handmade with a focus on sustainability—will give them something to show off and talk about.


a pink and white purse
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A pink princess might think they've already got all the accessories, but we know they're missing a few. Light up their life with the aforementioned sculptural candle from NÉOS Candlestudio, a female-owned and -operated brand out of California. If you need a flame-free pick, the Kartell Take lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani, is a stunner in sustainable polycarbonate. If they're more of a fitness fan, Bala's weighted jump rope in Blush is so pretty, they can leave it out between workouts. And to show off their profesh-level picks at all times, this netted canvas bag from Longchamp combines two classic French styles.


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The friend who always wears red does not need another lipstick or nail polish. Instead, show them how great you think they are with a "Celebrate Everything" pennant (frame optional), handmade in Buffalo, New York, by Oxford Pennant. They can gear up for a night out—or relax after one—in their new polka-dot Dusen Dusen Ring bathrobe, while Curves by Sean Brown incense sticks in a variety of alluring scents set the mood. And lest they have to light them with any old match, the Burn clutch in Lipstick Red, from Edie Parker, has a built-in, retractable mini-lighter holder—so they'll never lose their spark.


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No one will ignore your standout giftee in this grown-up take on the skater beanie from Rag & Bone, or these bold, geometric Avry sunglasses from Aperçu. Looking for an at-home statement piece instead? The Hana vase in Tropicana, from Copenhagen-based Studio Arhoj, has a gorgeous glaze and a bubbly, ridged finish that perfectly complement fresh stems. And everyone knows a cloth napkin can take any dinner from nada to noteworthy—these tangerine-print ones from Julie Peach are absolutely adorbs.


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It might be a little on the nose, but how could your bb not have a Banana Phone? It connects to their real phone via Bluetooth and also serves as a speaker when they isn't taking important fruit-related calls. If their whimsy is less performative, give them this Tizo decorative glass knot. Does it have a purpose? Questionable. Is it gorgeous? Undoubtedly. For a trendy sunshine soulmate, a pair of Birkenstock Boston clogs in light-yellow rubber or a Marea Mini purse from Charlotte Stone in a poppy hue will further brighten their already glowing closet.


a green dress with a green coat and a bottle of alcohol
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This green goddess gets classic gifts, starting with a modern take on the classic London dry gin, Tanqueray No. Ten Gin—and if they're a martini lover, add on the super-cute Olive Magnet designed by L.A.-based illustrator Marianna Fierro. And to show them you'd love nothing more than to join in on a night of cocktails in your cozies, add Sleeper's embellished pajamas with removable feather cuffs and a set of Fazeek Two x Wave Coupe Glasses to their list.


graphical user interface
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For your bestie in blue, go for a spa-day theme with a lipstick print laptop case, a collaboration between TOILETPAPER and Seletti, and graphic press-on nails from Chillhouse. A trio of 3D-printed stacking trays from Make Me Pretty will help contain their messes, while a bottle of crisp, citrusy Don Julio Blanco will help them put other messes in the rearview.


a bathroom with a sink and towels
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Please the person with a passion for purple with some cozy home goods, starting with this lavender ovenware set from Our Place, a company whose functional and aesthetic pans have reached cult status in the past few years. But what to cook in them? Anything from roasted potatoes to baked peaches, which would all benefit from a liberal dusting of sour, salty Chaat Party Spice, from the Indian-American trio of cousins behind Droosh. (The packaging is so pretty, they'll want to leave it out for an extra hint of their favorite shade on the counter.) Or if your friend is more the order-in type, they can still jazz things up with this beautiful Chan Luu linen tablecloth, complete with ribbon detailing. And if they eat on the couch, this cozy throw blanket from Sunday Citizen is printed with faces that may or may not be silently judging their choices.


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If they only wear black, they might as well only drink it, too. Johnnie Walker Black, that is, the iconic blended Scotch whisky, just as good neat, on ice, or in a highball. Or maybe in a big-batch cocktail, served in an enamel pitcher from century-old British brand Falcon. And if that's their style, they could likely use a table runner for their next dinner party, like this linen one from Misette, decorated with line drawings of seafood and accouterments. Or get them out of their comfort zone just a little with this on-trend In the Loop sweater from Lisa Todd, which adds a few pops of color thanks to crocheted granny-square detailing.

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