40 Nurses Week Memes to Let Our Nurses Know We See Their Pain (And We Appreciate Them Soothing Ours

These past few years have proven that almost no one is more essential than nurses. Beyond their importance in the frontline fight against the pandemic, nurses are often the first person you see when you're sick, injured and even born. Their exhausting, often thankless work is crucial to keeping all of us safe, healthy and comfortable, whether it's during the joys of new motherhood or the darkness of our final hours. Nurses Week is just one very small way to show our appreciation for the women and men who work so tirelessly for public health. These nurse memes will make nurses giggle ruefully and feel seen, and they can help the rest of us understand just the tip of the iceberg that is their everyday.

40 Funny Nurse Memes for Nurses Week

1. Cue your inner Xtina.

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2. It's rewarding when it's over though...right?

3. We won't snitch.

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4. You look great!

5. Stand your ground, nurses!

6. OK, but they should.

7. It's all fine, all good.

8. Hey, they still have good taste.

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9. Fall-risk patients never want to admit it, so just do your best.

10. Nurses, we see you and we appreciate you...and we understand.

11. Relatable!

12. The good shifts are good. The bad shifts are horrid.

13. Let 'em know, nurses!

14. It gets better...right?

15. Who needs sleep?

16. Just saying.

17. Karen patients be like...

18. Celebrate the small victories like you're Tony Stark.

19. For real though, what day is it?

20. We see you, night shift nurses. And we are not judging!

21. Rose gets it.

22. You have to love those WebMD patients.

23. Props to your night shift nurses for letting the day shift brace themselves.

24. That's surely one way to put it.

25. When your work life seeps into your personal life:

26. How could it not?

27. You're a team!

28. Nurses, we see you. You deserve better.

29. You're still a doll!

30. Gee, who could have possibly seen that coming?

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31. Don't you wish you could do this in real life?

32. Even the best moisturizer may not be able to prevent this type of aging.

33. Hey, that's on the doctor!

34. Well, did they?

35. Admit it, you've seen some...interesting things.

36. "If I stay here a minute longer, there's going to be an unhappy little accident."

37. It's the small victories.

38. The hardest part of the job is keeping on after tragedy.

39. It's never the Jamie Dornans who need the spongebaths.

40. Showing our appreciation during Nurses Week is literally the least we can do. We love you, nurses!

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