40 of the Most Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

From toddler and preschool-age craft ideas to fun DIY crafts for bigger kids.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, your meal menu may be all that’s on your mind, but make sure you (and your little helpers) don’t get stuck all day in the kitchen. Your turkey day should also be about having fun, so plan some Thanksgiving crafts for kids to do, too! From gathering supplies to creating turkey placeholders or handmade banners, any DIY projects you have them do will be a hit this holiday season.

Having Thanksgiving crafts for kids to do won’t only be a way to get their creativity flowing, but it’ll be a great family bonding experience as well. You can even start a tradition of making crafts year that you can continue to do for years to come.

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So what are you waiting for? Gather up some paint, glue sticks, sequins and paper and follow the steps from one (or more!) of the 40 Thanksgiving crafts for kids ideas below from some of our favorite DIY blogs.

<p>Crafts Unleashed</p>

Crafts Unleashed

<p>From ABCs To ACTs</p>

From ABCs To ACTs

<p>Sometimes Creative</p>

Sometimes Creative

<p>Handmade Charlotte</p>

Handmade Charlotte

<p>The Craft Train</p>

The Craft Train

<p>I Heart Crafty Things</p>

I Heart Crafty Things

<p>Studio DIY</p>

Studio DIY

<p>Ella Claire & Co</p>

Ella Claire & Co

<p>Fireflies and Mudpies</p>

Fireflies and Mudpies

<p>Oh Happy Day</p>

Oh Happy Day

<p>Typically Simple</p>

Typically Simple

<p>Create Craft Love</p>

Create Craft Love

<p>Oh My Creative</p>

Oh My Creative

<p>Paging Super Mom</p>

Paging Super Mom

<p>Handmade Charlotte</p>

Handmade Charlotte

<p>One Little Project</p>

One Little Project

<p>The House That Lars Built</p>

The House That Lars Built

<p>Happiness Is Homemade</p>

Happiness Is Homemade

<p>123 Homeschool 4 Me</p>

123 Homeschool 4 Me

<p>Easy Peasy And Fun</p>

Easy Peasy And Fun

<p>Hello, Wonderful</p>

Hello, Wonderful

<p>Mom Dot</p>

Mom Dot

<p>Made To Be A Momma</p>

Made To Be A Momma

<p>A Kailo Chic Life</p>

A Kailo Chic Life

<p>Crafty Morning</p>

Crafty Morning

<p>Design Improvised</p>

Design Improvised

<p>Minnie Mama</p>

Minnie Mama

<p>Purely From the Heart</p>

Purely From the Heart

<p>Buggy and Buddy</p>

Buggy and Buddy

<p>Make and Takes</p>

Make and Takes

<p>Project Kid</p>

Project Kid

<p>The Joy of Sharing</p>

The Joy of Sharing

<p>Today’s Creative Ideas</p>

Today’s Creative Ideas

<p>Glued To My Crafts Blog</p>

Glued To My Crafts Blog

<p>Chic and Jo</p>

Chic and Jo

<p>The Party Animal-Blog</p>

The Party Animal-Blog

<p>That’s What Che Said</p>

That’s What Che Said

<p>Growing Up Gabel</p>

Growing Up Gabel

<p>Cutesy Crafts</p>

Cutesy Crafts

<p>The Spruce Crafts</p>

The Spruce Crafts

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