40 best gifts for husbands to surprise him in 2023

 A composite image of three of the best gifts for husbands, on a light green background with dark green graphics.
A composite image of three of the best gifts for husbands, on a light green background with dark green graphics.

The best gifts for husbands should be personal, thoughtful and unique, appealing to their interests and showing how much you care.

Whether he’s a gadget obsessive, a bookworm or the self-described chef of the house, we’ve chosen all the best gifts to make your husband feel special, whether you're shopping for a Father’s Day present, his birthday or just as a surprise gift. We also crowdsourced responses from husbands in the UK for this guide, asking men directly what they would actually like to receive as a gift, so you can ensure you’re getting a genuinely useful present that they will appreciate for years to come.

From experience-based gifts to tech presents and practical ideas that will make his life easier, you’re sure to find gifts for men that he’ll enjoy and appreciate on this list.

Where to shop for the best gifts for husbands in the UK

Our pick of the best gifts to buy for your husband in 2023

What do husbands most want for their birthday?

We asked several of the husbands in our lives what they would genuinely like to receive as a gift, and while their answered varied, certain themes popped up more than once. "Experiences are proving more useful these days as gifts, as houses are full of too much stuff that's gathered over the years", one husband told us. "So I'd love something like an off-road experience, wildlife watching with an expert, pasta making, BBQ training, or an unusual night away, for example a shepherd’s hut trip or tickets to a gig".

Another husband we spoke to agreed, saying they would love to be gifted with "trips away - even if it's just an overnight or a day trip, getting a gift that forces me out of my routine is always good. And a trip is something we can enjoy together. I also like getting clothing items that take me outside my comfort zone, or that require a level of research or expertise that I don't have. Like a nice pair of boots, or a jacket or top in a cut I wouldn't normally go for".

Geninna Ariton, Marketing Specialist at Trendhim , suggests looking for unique accessories that compliment your husband's style, when looking for a great gift. "Wearing accessories is a way of expressing what makes you your own", he tells us, "and one way to do that is through the smaller things you wear. And as a husband, it's important that you get to still have your identity apart from being a spouse or a part of a unit". Whether it's a "watch that stays true to their personality", a pair of go-to cufflinks that he can reach for when dressing for special occasions, or a stylish ring, choosing something that feels like 'him' will always be appreciated.