40 best gifts for husbands to surprise him in 2023

 Three of the best gifts for husbands in a collage background.
Three of the best gifts for husbands in a collage background.

The best gifts for husbands are those that he will genuinely use or wouldn't think to buy himself, so it's a balance between the eminently practical and sweetly thoughtful.

To help put together our guide to the best gifts to give to husbands in 2023 we crowdsourced responses from husbands in the US, finding out from them what is on their wishlists and what they would love to receive as a present.

So whether you're shopping for the best gifts for men for a special occasion, a Father's Day gift for your husband from the kids or need help with what to buy your husband for his birthday, let our list help inspire and solve your shopping dilemmas.

Where to shop for the best gifts for husbands in the US

Best gift ideas for husbands in 2023

What do husbands want most for their birthday?

We crowdsource ideas and answers from husbands directly for this gift guide and got a glimpse into their most desired birthday presents. While a few of them gave us specific material items they either enjoyed receiving from their wife or hope to someday, most of the husbands we spoke to said that what they want most for their birthday is either gift experiences or gestures - like cooking his favorite meal or dedicating a day to watching his team play - that don't involve spending loads of money.

But, if you want to surprise your hubby with a gift they can unwrap, each husband we spoke to mentioned wanting the same useful gifts they can use every day, such as cologne, a water bottle, a weekender or a small bag to store his daily essentials, clothes, and shoes.