The $40 Accessory Millie Bobby Brown Wore to a Taylor Swift Concert

Just this past weekend, everyone's favorite Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown, attended a Taylor Swift concert and flaunted it to the world by posting an adorable selfie with Taylor herself (as one does). While we are super happy for Millie and her one-on-one Taylor experience, we were also just as intrigued by her fashion choices that evening. I mean, she had to have known she was going to meet Taylor—she's Millie Bobby Brown for pete's sake!—and that's a lot of outfit pressure if you ask me.

So what did the starlet choose to wear? A simple ensemble consisting of a T-shirt and jeans accessorized with colorful strappy sandals and trendy readers. After further investigation, we learned that not only were her glasses only $40, but they also protect against blue-light exposure from your computer. But that's not all! The glasses brand is called The Book Club and they told us this: "Taking a nod from fast fashion, The Book Club offers attractive, yet affordable reading glasses (magnification strengths include +1.5, +2, and +2.5) as well as anti-glare lenses (with no prescription or magnification) with blue-light exposure protection that cuts down blue-light absorption by 30%." Glasses that are stylish, protective, and affordable are glasses worth purchasing if you ask us which is why we shopped them out for you here. You're welcome.

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