4 Products I Swear By From Alpyn Beauty - All Found at Sephora

The closest I'd gotten to Jackson Hole, WY, was looking at friends' pictures on Instagram, but the natural skin-care line Alpyn Beauty changed all that. Born out of the Alpyn Beauty Bar apothecary (which opened in 2016 in Wyoming), this indie brand features sustainably sourced ingredients right from the mountain town. And when its products arrived at Sephora in February, it made it even easier to make a clean skin-care change and try these alpine botanicals for myself.

Letting Mother Nature's powerful plants work their magic, all of Alpyn Beauty's vegan, cruelty-free products feature a "PlantGenius" complex with wild arnica, wild chamomile, sage, calendula, and borage. The products are already very popular with other Sephora shoppers, but I've personally tried out each one, so it's not just other people who love them, it's yours truly, too.

Ahead, learn more about my personal favorite Alpyn Beauty products found right at Sephora, including a bubbling cleanser, firming eye treatment, and brightening serum.

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