4 Perfume Dupes That Smell Just Like Tom Ford’s Beloved Tobacco Vanille Fragrance

Mia Maguire
·1 min read

Tom Ford’s dreamy Tobacco Vanille Private Blend fragrance is one of my most beloved (and for me, nostalgic) scents of all time. I first got a whiff of the beautifully balanced sweet-smokey unisex perfume in high school while getting my hair done, and I couldn’t help but ask what my colorist was wearing that smelled like literal heaven on earth. After she ~kindly~ revealed her secret (I know some people are private about divulging their signature scent) I immediately went home on a mission to find out where I could find a bottle of my own, and nervously, figure out how much it would cost me. Tragically enough, I quickly learned it was nearly $250 a pop for the medium-sized bottle—a rather lofty...

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