4-Year-Old Birthday Girl Asks for Donations for Pugs, Not Presents for Herself

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A Little Girl's Birthday Gift? Presents for PugsRCWW, Inc. - Getty Images
  • Animal rescue organizations are in constant need of donations to their cause.

  • One little girl loves pugs so much, she asked for them to get presents on her birthday.

  • Friends and family rallied to supply their local pug rescue with dog food and other goods.

While many of us stress about what the "kids are into" these days when shopping for a birthday present, it turns out two things are just as "in" with kids today as they were in our youth: hugs and pugs.

That's what Joanna Hadad proved when she made a very sweet request of her parents when it came to gifts for her 4th birthday party. The Latrobe Bulletin reports that Joanna one day asked her mother "...if they could take presents to puppies that needed homes."

“She has always loved pugs so I immediately thought of Guardian Angels Pug Rescue,” Holly Hadad, Joanna's mother, told the Bulletin. “Joanna then came up with the idea to have her party guests bring a present for the puppies. She was so excited when she saw what we had collected.”

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Birthday party attendees brought "dry and canned food, treats, toys and cleaning supplies," which Joanna and Holly delivered to the non-profit rescue, GAPR. “She didn’t even want to pose for pictures of the donations,” GAPR founder Patti Levay said to the Bulletin. “She just wanted to play with the dogs.”

While the Hadads do have two pugs at home (Murphy and Duke), they've also attended GAPR's annual fundraising "pug festival," so are familiar with the non-profits work.

GAPR rescues pugs and other dogs like French Bulldogs, rehabilitates them, and prepares them for adoption. Dogs can come from local sources, like owner surrender, or from far-reaching locales, like those rescued from unsafe situations in China. And thanks to the kindness and selflessness of one little girl's birthday gift request, these rescued pups are going to have a far more comfortable stay while they await their forever homes.

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