The 4-Ingredient Meal Travis Kelce Eats Before Every Game

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It might surprise you.



While most people can’t stop thinking about Taylor Swift watching Travis Kelce play at the Kansas City Chiefs game, as foodies, we can’t stop thinking about the pregame meal Kelce says he eats before every Chiefs match. OK, and we also can’t stop thinking about T-Swift cheering with Mama Kelce on Sunday—it’s called multi-tasking.

Just like his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who eats the same snack in bed every night—Kelce claims he eats the same exact meal before he takes the football field each weekend. And that meal is French toast.

Travis Kelce's Favorite Pregame Meal

Actor Rob Riggle, who is a Kansas native and proud Chiefs fan, asked Kelce to share his favorite pregame meal on X (formerly Twitter) in 2021. To which the Super Bowl-winning tight end responded, “French toast!!!”

Call it superstition or just a love for the rich, custardy breakfast food, but Kelce later said that he has eaten French toast before every game since becoming a Chief in 2013.

“Every pregame meal has been French toast and strawberries since I’ve been on the Chiefs,” he told “Inside Hook” in 2022.

We’ll do the math for you—that means if Kelce eats French toast before every pre-season, regular season, playoff, and Super Bowl game, he will have eaten more than 200 pieces of French toast (assuming he only eats one slice every time) over the past 10 years. So, he must really love it.

Beyond the delicious taste, however, Kelce also chooses French toast because it’s a good meal for carb-loading before a long game.

“On game day, you want to carb up, so I have the energy I need for the game. French toast [gets] my blood sugar going [and gets] some carbs in,” he told “Men’s Journal.”

While Kelce didn’t share the recipe for his pregame favorite, we like to imagine that he uses our three-ingredient French Toast recipe that he then tops with fresh-cut strawberries. Because what could be simpler than this 15-minute meal?

While the world continues to speculate over #Traylor’s status, we’ll keep digging deeper into what some of the most famous NFL players are chowing down on—we see you adding Buffalo sauce to your Pepsi, Josh Allen.

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