4 Flower Trends That Are Out For 2023

Bride holding bouquet
Bride holding bouquet

Flowers are the perfect way to showcase your wedding day’s theme, color palette, and overall vibe. While many couples opt to choose blooms for sentimental reasons, such as including your grandmother’s favorite florals or paying homage to your event’s location, others opt for the latest trends. And just like anything else, flower trends come and go with each passing year. Here are four you might want to skip for your 2023 wedding.

While all-white blooms have been popular recently, this trend is now on its way out, says Jacqueline Vizcaino of Tinted Events Design and Planning. "Even though neutral doesn’t always mean boring, couples can still opt for cream-colored flowers or blush and light pink accents. To create more interest and texture in bouquets and arrangements, couples could opt for brighter-colored flowers or mix several shades."

Bigger isn't always better. Big boutonnieres were a trend for grooms, but for 2023 couples should opt for something more understated, says Vizcaino. So instead of large boutonnieres, couples can opt for something smaller and more delicate. Smaller boutonnieres featuring one simple flower will look far more sophisticated in photos.

One fading trend that Sharon Yancey of Flor Amor is seeing is large, oversize "boho" bouquets. Instead, couples are finding inspiration in recent royal weddings and referencing images featuring blooms with meaning. "Meghan Markle's nosegay with dainty Lily of the Valley and delicate Astilbe is a frequent favorite," she explains. "Neither of these flower varieties are inexpensive, so smaller doesn't necessarily mean cheaper in the case of florals."

Say goodbye to using just one type of flower for an arrangement. Vizcaino says that this year, couples will use unusual flower varieties. Mixing and matching different types of flowers for a unique design that adds texture and dimension to any bouquet or centerpiece.