4 Eyebrow-Filling Mistakes That MUAs Say Add Years To Your Look ‘Instantly’

As we age, wrinkles become an inevitable part of life. However, many of us might prefer not to draw attention to fine lines around our eyes and brows by using makeup. Instead, we aim to accentuate our favorite features and try out new and exciting looks.

In this regard, we consulted with professional makeup artists to identify four common errors that many mature beauties over 40 make with their eyebrows, which can inadvertently highlight wrinkles. To avoid these mistakes, read on for valuable tips, suggestions, and expert insights from makeup artists and professionals: Mary Winkenwerder and Mandie Brice.

4 Common Eyebrow-Related Errors Re: Makeup & Skincare

1. Over-Filling With Too Much Product

By using "too much product" on your brows, Winkenwerder helps explain, you may be inadvertently drawing eyes to forehead wrinkles and fine lines around your peepers.

In order to avoid this, she says to firstly "make sure your brow area is completely clean" before applying any brow pencils, and then to "apply color products directly to the area you want to fill in."

The key here, she says, is to "apply a little, not a lot," and to only "build up if needed." Going slow and steady is essential, she adds. "Compare the color of the filler to the color of your brow, move forward accordingly."

If you need to clean up stray color (and this happens), Winkenwerder advise to then take a q-tip with a bit of alcohol and dab until the out of shape color is gone. She stresses to "allow brow products to set and bind to the brow hair and skin area" before adding on more.

2 Not Washing Your Brushes And Tools Regularly

Improper cleaning of makeup brushes and tools can impede the process of eyebrow filling. Neglecting to wash them often may cause breakouts, clogged pores and patchy-looking, uneven brows, Brice says.

The way you apply your favorite makeup products matters, as well as the tools you use daily. In addition, this could then make fine lines and sagging skin more obvious. "Another error boils down to hygiene," she says. "I think so many of us are guilty of not washing our brushes as often as we should."

Brice adds that "applying with our fingers can be a mistake, if we don't first wash our hands." This can also lead to more breakouts, she emphasizes, or even infection.

3. Failing To Prep Your Skin

Failing to cleanse and moisturize the skin around your eyebrows before filling them in is another common error, Winkenwerder shares. Applying makeup on skin that is dirty or oily can result in acne outbreaks, lackluster skin, and smudged brows.

In addition, Winkenwerder notes, if  you don't "wash your face after wearing" brow gel, brow powder or other products, this can "cause extreme skin irritation."

"Wash your brush regularly to ensure healthy hygiene practices," Winkenwerder stresses, in addition to your skin (think washing your brush *and* your palette!) Next, she says to "wash your hands before applying" any brow products and to always "use a clean tool with every application."

4. Using The Wrong Products For Your Brows

One last vital tip that Winkenwerder has for mature beauties who want to fill in their brows is to "choose reputable products for brow-filling moments." Substituting one product that looks similar to a dedicated brow product spells disaster, she notes.

"Products made for brow art and filling are specifically made for this purpose," Winkenwerder says, adding, "the pencils, gels, and creams apply to the brow area in a certain way, bind to the skin, finish in a certain way, and wear for long periods of time."

The consistency of a product created for brows is "different from a hard eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow, or other product designed for a different part of the face," so Winkenwerder goes on to suggest to "not skimp on the products you use to fill in your brows."

Her final tip to avoid highlighting wrinkles by over-filling your brows is to "take an afternoon and get to know your products" until working with your brows is second nature. "This should be a part of your makeup routine and done with great confidence and ease," she concludes.