4 (Easy) Lunar Eclipse Rituals that Will Help You Break Free From What Holds You Back

With so much talk about eclipses lately, wouldn’t it be great to know how to magnify their energy and use it to your advantage?  Luckily for you, we’ve got the answer to your prayers by way of to a few lunar eclipse rituals you can try during the next full moon or new moon eclipse.

Before we spill our secrets, let’s briefly recap. It’s important to know what an eclipse is before diving into how to make the most of it. Eclipses are like super-powered new moons and full moons, helping to realign us with our soul’s purpose and correct our personal path when needed. Two to three times a year, the sun, moon and nodes align to gift us with an eclipse season. Astrologers often refer to these four-to-six-week time periods as super-charged, due to probability of life-altering or direction-changing events that occur for most people.

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Just like all things in astrology, eclipses can bring about situations in which you feel compelled to react, so it’s important to remember that you always have the free will to do so or not. You are empowered with the ability to choose what to do with the energy that comes from the twists and turns of life. Astrology allows you to predict the possibility of manifesting something in your life, but it’s only through using this energy to further your desires that the real magic happens.

The eclipses certainly help, but ultimately, you’re the one that creates your own magic! It’s all about taking action and aligning yourself with the universe, not just sitting by and letting life happen. This is where magnifying the energy of the eclipses comes into play—and rituals are key in doing so.

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Below, you’ll find four things you can do to magnify the magic of the eclipses to manifest your dreams. Everything you’ve ever wanted is worth a few minutes of manifestation, don’tcha think?

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Rituals for a New Moon Eclipse 

New moon eclipses are all about new opportunities or circumstances. The two weeks surrounding the eclipse are great for meeting new people, starting new hobbies and projects, and planting seeds of intention for the life changes you desire.

Here are two rituals for any new moon eclipse, one using candles and another using crystals. If you want to super-charge your intention, you can also use both in one giant ritual.

Intention-Setting Candle Ritual

Courtesy of Hyoola.
Courtesy of Hyoola.

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This ritual uses a little candle magic to manifest your intentions. You will need one candleideally a seven-day pull out candle, since you can carve into it, but any candle will do. The color should be aligned with your intentions, and if you aren’t sure which color to use, white is always a great option. 

  1. Write a list of three new things you want to bring into your life during this moon cycle. These could include a new job, a relationship, an apartment, etc. 

  2. Set an affirmation that aligns with your new list of intentions. Here’s an example: “It is fun and easy to make $5K a month on my photography business.”

  3. Get your candle ready. Remember, you can pick the color based on your goal. If you are feeling really creative then carve your name into the candle along with your affirmation. You can also add fragrance oil and some glitter if you’re into the aesthetics.

  4. Recite your affirmation three times as you light your candle.

  5. Spend a few moments imagining that you are living your affirmation. Visualize as many details as you can.

  6. Repeat steps Four and Five, everyday until the candle burns out on its own. 

  7. Watch the magic happen.


New Moon Eclipse Crystal Grid

Courtesy of Fourth Level Manufacturing.
Courtesy of Fourth Level Manufacturing.

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For this crystal grid you will need one piece of moonstone, four pieces of clear quartz and a crystal grid. Your piece of moonstone should be a bit larger than the pieces of clear quartz, as the moonstone is where we are storing your intentions and the clear quartz will be used to magnify said intentions. 

  1. Once you have your materials, write down one intention that you would like to manifest this moon cycle. Try to make it as clear and concise as possible. Here’s an example: “I am attracting a healthy, happy, monogamous relationship.”

  2. Now lay out your crystal grid. Place the moonstone right in the middle of the grid. Then in a symmetrical fashion, place your four pieces of clear quartz around it. 

  3. Next, envision achieving your intention. Allow the happiness you feel to bubble up and fill your body. 

  4. Pick up your moonstone and say your intention into it three times. Place it back in the middle of the grid. 

  5. Finally, use your fingers to trace an imaginary line connecting all the crystals in the grid. Once you do this, the grid has been infused with your intention. Repeat steps Five and Six for as long as it takes for your intention to manifest. You can cleanse your crystals with sage weekly to freshen up the grid. 

  6. Watch the magic happen.


Rituals for a Full Moon Eclipse 

Full moon eclipses are all about releasing habits, people and circumstances that are no longer in alignment with your higher self. The best way to use the energy of a full moon eclipse is to actively cleanse your body, mind and soul.

Read on for two fun rituals to help purify your space and energy. 

Smudge & Protect Full Moon Eclipse Ritual

Courtesy of Ancientveda.
Courtesy of Ancientveda.

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This ritual requires four pieces of black tourmaline, a feather and an incense you can burn such as palo santo, sage, lavender, mugwort or frankincense. It will help to release any yucky energy trapped in your home that may have been leftover from previous houseguests, or even the last time you were in a bad mood. This ritual is best performed on the Full Moon.

  1. First, light up your smudge stick. Once it is releasing a healthy amount of smoke, start from one room in your house and walk past every wall, allowing the smoke to waft into each area. Use your feather to direct the smoke, and be sure to pay special attention to windows and doors. 

  2. While you are directing the smoke, say out loud: “All that does not belong here, leave now. Thank you.”

  3. Repeat throughout every room in the house.

  4. Once you have smudged every room, smudge your body. Start from your head, using the feather to direct the smoke. End by lifting up each foot to get the bottoms of your feet.

  5. Next, get your black tourmaline ready by allowing the smoke to penetrate each piece. Once your tourmaline is good and clean, you can put your smudge stick out.

  6. Place your black tourmaline in the four corners of your home, thereby creating a giant crystal grid. Try to place them as symmetrically as possible. 

  7. Once they are placed, ask the universe to protect the energy of your home and block anything not aligned with your higher purpose from entering. 

  8. That’s it! You’ve successfully used the eclipse energy to enhance this cleansing and grid-setting ritual. 


Release Meditation


This comforting meditation can be used during a full moon eclipse to help you release any bad habits, negative people or unfortunate circumstances that no longer serve you. You don’t need anything but a quiet space, a little imagination and ten minutes to perform this final ritual. 

  1. Sit in a quiet space in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

  2. Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, allowing your heart rate to gently decrease. 

  3. Imagine yourself lifting up and out of your body and flying through the sky towards the moon. This is when it is especially important to trust your imagination. Don’t judge how your imagination tries to fly or not, just go with it. 

  4. Once you’ve landed on the moon in your visualization, take a walk around. 

  5. Imagine that you’ve seen a woman in all white walk up to you. She is one of the moon’s messengers, here to deliver you a message. 

  6. Ask her what this full moon eclipse wants you to release to fulfill your full potential and why now is the right time. Listen carefully and without judgement. 

  7. Now, imagine a manifestation of what you want to release appearing next to the moon lady. It can appear however you think it should. If it’s a job, then it could be your boss. If it’s a bad relationship habit, it could be your former partner. 

  8. The moon lady pulls out a beautiful selenite sword and you look down to see a dark string connecting you to the habit. She asks you if she can cut it.

  9. You nod and imagine the knife severing the cord, turning it to ash. You hug the moon representative and she tells you she is proud of you. 

  10. Once the ritual is done, allow yourself time to return back to your body.

  11. When you are ready, take a moment and write down as many details as possible in case you want to refer to it later.

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