4 Costco Fall Decor Finds You Should Buy Now—They Won’t Stay In Stock For Long!

With the arrival of autumn 2023 upon us, we have compiled a list of four fall-themed decor items found at Costco that have been shared by customers on social media.

These festive decorations, including Halloween-themed items and pumpkin-shaped decorations, are sure to add a touch of seasonal charm to your home as the weather cools down.

Browse through these delightful options to give your home a playful makeover!

4 Fall-Themed Items Costco Members Are Loving


1. Autumnal Accent Rugs

Whether you want to revamp your patio or living room floor, Costco has you covered! As spotted by @costcoguide on Instagram, the wholesale retailer is offering fall-themed accent rugs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are four different  prints to choose from, and they all have slip-resistant backings. Each rug is $19.99 and too cute to pass up!

2. Pumpkin Lights (3-Piece Set)

These adorable battery-operated pumpkin-shaped lights come in sets of three, and are adorned with shimmering glitter and intricate cutouts! As found by @costcohotfinds On IG, these $59.99 sets have been on sale at Costco locations since June, so they might be hard to find in-stores as we get closer to autumn. If you see them, act fast and grab them as they’re bound to sell out!


3. Skeleton Punk Rocker

Are you a music lover and Halloween fan? The creator of @costcohotfinds also saw this hilarious and unique skeleton punk rocker decoration that features both light displays and sounds! At Costco, this comical and whimsical piece can be purchased for $149.99 and used to celebrate spooky season both indoors and outdoors. As one Costco member recently wrote on IG, this musical reaper “won’t last long” in stores as it’s already becoming a fan-favorite.

4. Disney Halloween Village (4-Piece Set)

When it comes to Halloween trinkets, Costco is really nailing it this fall! As @costcohotfinds pointed out on IG recently, the company is offering a Disney-themed, battery-operated Halloween decoration with 12 pieces, “haunting music and sound,” and it can be set to play for 6 hours on the spookiest night of the year. With a lovable haunted house and classic characters like Donald and Daisy Duck, this one-of-a-kind $99.99 tabletop piece can wow kids (and adults) for years to come!

We’re grabbing these four decor pieces if we see still them in-stores!