4 Bangs Haircut Mistakes That Instantly Add Years To Your Look


Hairstyles with bangs are not going anywhere anytime soon — nor should they. When cut and styled right, a perfect fringe can add mystery and intrigue to your look, and can even make you feel fresher and more modern. But we’re so used to hearing experts say “Get bangs to look more youthful!” that few of us consider how not all bangs styles are created equally. Before you sprint off to the salon and ask for “bangs” with no further explanation, heed the advice of these hair experts who say these four bangs haircut mistakes can actually add years to your look. 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs — which are longer on the sides — completely expose the forehead (including any lines or wrinkles you may have) and draw attention to the area above and between your brows, according to Lisa Abbey, a professional hairstylist for more than 35 years and the founder and CEO of Strength x Beauty. “This is fine when you’re younger, but once those ‘elevens’ start to settle in, you probably don’t want to emphasize them,” Abbey said. “In addition, this style usually incorporates a middle part, which is less flattering than an off-center or side part, as you age.”

Instead of curtain bangs, Abbey recommends a cut styled with a flattering face-framing fringe or side-swept bangs to soften the cut and highlight your cheekbones and eyes, rather than the center of your forehead. “If you absolutely must try the curtain bangs trend, ask your stylist to create a fine fringe at the hairline (underneath the curtain bangs)  to soften the look and fill in above the brows,” Abbey advised. 

A Blunt Bob With Bangs 

It’s a classic that will add a ton of drama to your look, but if you’re trying to achieve a fresher style, the blunt bob may not be the way to go. “A blunt bob with bangs can look less youthful because the straight lines of the cut can make the face appear more angular and mature,” said Krysta Biancone, co-founder Amari Salon & Spa and Hair Stylist at Hair by Krysta. “An alternative haircut that looks fresher and more youthful is a wavy/curly long bob (or ‘lob’) with long side-swept bangs. This style has softer lines that add shape to the face, while still framing it in a youthful way.”

Going Too Short

One tip you’ll hear more regularly when you get older is that short hair equals younger-looking. And while it’s always a great idea to go for regular trims and avoid excessively long hair that can drag down your features, too-short hair — including too-short bangs — can be aging. “While chopping off your hair may feel liberating, it can make you look older than you are,” said MeI am Anudipa, content head and editor of Awe.Hair. “Hair that’s too short can look severe, and can make you look like you’re trying too hard to look younger. Stick with a softer, mid-length style that is within a few inches of the length of your neck.” 

And the same applies to bangs — as cute as baby bangs can appear, if they aren’t adding oomph to your look, it’s better to grow out your fringe a bit so that it frames your face. 

Not Cutting Your Bangs Regularly & Choosing The Wrong Hair Shade 

Both of these tips fall under the same category: regular salon maintenance is a good idea, especially if you are going to sport bangs. A style that features bangs will require more trips to the salon, even if you spend 10 minutes in your stylist’s chair getting your bangs re-shaped. And if you color your hair and have bangs, be aware that a too-dark color or shade that doesn’t suit your skin tone, especially when it’s featured so close to your face, can make you look more tired and washed-out.

Your best bet is to consult with your stylist about a bangs style and hair color that suits your lifestyle and that you feel you can maintain over time. Bangs can look absolutely amazing and add an instant re-fresh to your look — but choosing a bangs style that brings out your features and suits your personality and style is the way to go.