The $4.99 Item I’d Buy at QuickChek Every Morning for the Rest of My Life

Because just like the Backstreet Boys, I want it that way.

<p>Courtesy: QuickChek / The Spruce Eats</p>

Courtesy: QuickChek / The Spruce Eats

A reliable stop for anyone needing to fuel up, whether for gas or food, QuickChek has become one of my favorite gas station convenience stores to stop at when I’m up in the Tri-State area. Particularly for breakfast.

From French toast to quesadilla breakfast tacos, I am a breakfast obsessive. It is the superior meal of the day and ensures you are well-fueled to tackle whatever the universe has in store for you (especially when Mercury is in the microwave).

So, obviously, when I travel back up to Jersey to visit family and friends, you can bet your sweet a** that I’m dropping by QuickChek for my favorite breakfast sandwich: sausage, egg, and cheese on a kaiser roll.

<p>Christopher Heydt / The Spruce Eats</p>

Christopher Heydt / The Spruce Eats

Hold Up, What’s QuickChek?

QuickChek is an iconic gas station convenience store that has over 150 locations in New York and New Jersey. Best known for its subs (it IS the official sub for the New York Giants), premium coffee, and banging breakfast sandos, it has become a regional favorite since it opened its doors in 1967.

An Obsession-Worthy Breakfast Sandwich

What's not to love about a steaming hunk of cheesy, eggy, carbalicious goodness first thing in the morning? The kaiser rolls are always fresh, providing a pillowy foundation for the sandwich. The sausage patties are well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. QuickChek doesn’t skimp on cheese. Oh, and the scrambled eggs are top tier: They’re fluffy and well-cooked, unlike some other places where you can tell that the scrambled egg pucks were made in bulk five days ago and Chef Mike (aka microwave) did the heavy lifting. Top the sando off with some SPK (salt, pepper, ketchup) and you are golden.

Plus, coming in at only $4.99 (+ tax), this breakfast sandwich isn’t breaking the bank. Protein-rich, delicious, AND affordable? Say less!

Whether you’re on a budget or have a few extra discretionary dollars to spend, QuickChek’s sausage, egg, and cheese is worth every cent. If you can afford that $5+ PSL from Starbucks, you can afford this.

I typically pair my breakfast sandwich with a freshly brewed cup of decaf coffee—because caffeine is my kryptonite—mixed with whichever creamer I’m feeling that day. More times than not, it’s the hazelnut, because I just can’t say no to hazelnuts.

The Best Part?

You can order this ANY TIME OF THE DAY.

If I still lived in the New York/New Jersey area, I’d 100% be getting this breakfast sandwich every day for the rest of my life. Because, let’s be honest, life's too short for sad breakfasts, and QuickChek clearly has its priorities straight.

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