39 Celebrity First And Last Tweets That Show How Dramatically Different Their Lives Are

1.Snooki's first tweet:

idk wtf im doing..

Snooki's most recent tweet:

2.Stephen Colbert's first tweet:

Twitter: @stephenathome

Stephen Colbert's most recent tweet:

3.Taylor Swift's first tweet ever:

apologizing to a very needy cat for being gone so long.

Taylor Swift's most recent tweet:

4.Shaq's first tweet ever:

this is the real shaquille o'neal

Shaq's most recent tweet:

5.50 Cent's first ever tweet:

is in Turkey

50 Cent's most recent tweet:

6.Lady Gaga's first tweet:

op rehearsing for my video just dance and am now at wmc to perform at the armany and nervous records party. but i am no nervous record

Lady Gaga's most recent tweet:

7.Neil Patrick Harris's first tweet:

my first tweet, peeps. i apologize in advance for my slow learning curve. nice to sort of meet you. its amazing how quickly 140 charac

Neil Patrick Harris' most recent tweet:

8.Ryan Seacrest's first tweet:

Sean William Scott was in studio this morn and killed it on Rock Band 2 in our green room. see the vid on ryanseacrest.com

Ryan Seacrest's most recent tweet:

9.Katy Perry's first tweet:

just got into berlin. feeling better thank you, have my vicks inhaler by my bedside..and PS i have twitter. gah. such a follower

Katy Perry's most recent tweet:

10.Conan O'Brien's first tweet:

today i interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. somebody help me

Conan O'Brien's most recent tweet:

11.Oprah's first tweet:

inall caps, hi twitters thank you for a warm welcome. feeling really 21st century

Oprah's most recent tweet:

12.Jesse Tyler Ferguson's first tweet:

enjoying his 5 dollar coffee for lamill. what recession

Jesse Tyler Ferguson's most recent tweet:

13.Ariana Grande's first tweet:

finally got a twitter and is so excited to start tweeting

Ariana Grande's most recent tweet:

14.Kris Jenner's first tweet:

this is the first time i am twittering and its really easy. i just invited all my kids to twitter

Kris Jenner's most recent tweet:

15.Kourtney Kardashian's first tweet:

omg what is going on here? trying to get this

Kourtney Kardashian's most recent tweet:

16.Khloé Kardashian's first tweet:

i finally joined twitter whats up bitches

Khloé Kardashian's most recent tweet:

17.Kim Kardashian's first tweet:

hey guys its kim kardashian! i finally signed up for twitter! there are a few fakes so just know this is the real me

Kim Kardashian's most recent tweet:

18.Kylie Jenner's first tweet:

hi twitter i finally tweet

Kylie Jenner's most recent tweet:

19.Elizabeth Taylor's first tweet:

spending time with my daughter liza in my beautiful gardens. hope the gardenias bloom soon

Elizabeth Taylor's most recent tweet:

20.Kesha's first tweet:


Kesha's most recent tweet:

21.Russell Simmons' first tweet:


Russell Simmons' most recent tweet:

22.Pink's first tweet:

i have officially entered the 20th century. imean the 21st century

Pink's most recent tweet:

23.Ben Stiller's first tweet:

ben is updating his status

Ben Stiller's most recent tweet:

24.Barbara Walters' first tweet:

this is my first day on twitter all exited. getting ready to do the view must get my hair done

Barbara Walters' most recent tweet:

25.Reba's first tweet:

follow me while i tweet...xoxo reba

Reba's most recent tweet:

26.Selena Gomez's first tweet:

cant believe i have a twitter...im not even sure if im using this correctly haha

Selena Gomez's most recent tweet:

27.Gigi Hadid's first tweet:

on the plane to canada with bella. alaska airlines free internet amazing

Gigi Hadid's most recent tweet:

28.Justin Bieber's first tweet:

check out my single one time on my myspace and spread the word for me. thanks myspace.com/justinbieber

Justin Bieber's most recent tweet:

29.Ludacris's first tweet:

rt some mothers confuse the wordssonwitman. the real issue is the old hags dont know how to let go. hes ur son and he will alwaysb

Ludacris's most recent tweet:

30.John Stamos's first tweet:

been a fan of the twitter...didnt think id have anyhting that interesting to add..but now... starting broadway show, moving to nyc...

John Stamos's most recent tweet:

31.Zooey Deschanel's first tweet:

i hemmed. i hawed. i joined twitter. alas. reason? i saw the cove this weekend and it blew my mind. everyone should see this movie. zd

Zooey Deschanel's most recent tweet:

32.Danny DeVito's first tweet:

i just joined twitter. i dont really get this site or how it works. my nuts are on fire

Danny DeVito's most recent tweet:

33.Lindsay Lohan's first tweet:

a message to sam ronson about flying safe

Lindsay Lohan's most recent tweet:

34.Jessica Simpson's first tweet:

love going thru the airport and seeing a pic of toes that could smile when ours stink. no time for pedicure.

Jessica Simpson's most recent tweet:

35.Sarah Palin's first tweet:

michigan thx 4 going rogue! perfect tour kickoff w/ kid rock tune praising northern MI humming in the background @ barnes/noble above expectations

Sarah Palin's most recent tweet:

36.Kanye West's first tweet:

up early int he morning taking meetings in siliconevalley

Kanye West's most recent tweet:

37.Charlie Sheen's first tweet:

winning! and a pic of him and naked smoothie

Charlie Sheen's most recent tweet:

38.Alec Baldwin's first tweet:

my first tweet. maybe i needed a glass of wine beforehand. i feel...so shy

Alec Baldwin's most recent tweet:

39.Samuel L. Jackson's first tweet:

can a muh fukkasay fuck on here?

(One of) Samuel L. Jackson's most recent tweets: