The New '365 Days' Movie Features a Hot Male Kissing Scene

365 days
365 days
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Netflix’s latest installment in the 365 Days erotic drama trilogy has something for everyone!

While the 365 Days franchise is mostly known for bad writing, ridiculous situations, and tons and tons of straight sex, the latest movie has one scene that queer fans will love as well – a dream sequence where the two hunks at the center of the movies make out with each other.

The first movie, 365 Days, was critically panned but was wildly popular with viewers who loved the erotic romance. And back in April, Netflix released a second film in the steamy franchise, 365 Days: This Day. Now, the streamer has released a third movie titled The Next 365 Days.

According to Netflix, the plot of The Next 365 Days follows Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) as their “relationship hangs in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues while a tenacious Nacho (Simone Susinna) works to push them apart.”

The new movie pushes the eroticism even farther, giving its heroine a sexy dream sequence where the two men she’s choosing between are having a threesome with her — and then they suddenly start to aggressively makeout on top of her. It’s a welcome queer scene in an extremely straight franchise.

Okay, maybe these movies are worth the watch!

The Next 365 Days is currently in the top five films on Netflix in case you want to check it out (you know, for the plot).

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