36 Pictures That Show How Extremely Wild The Snow Is In Buffalo, New York

1.In case you didn't know, parts of Buffalo, New York have gotten over six feet of snow (!!!!).

2.That's over 70 inches of snow!!

3.I'm used to seeing weather reports like this in inches, not in FEET.

4.The lake effect snow started on Friday, and it looked like a literal wall.

5.And now, we're seeing pictures come out of Buffalo that are just straight up surreal looking.

6.It's just mountains of snow.

7.Cars look like small hills.

8.People are running out of window space.

9.Like, this is someone's upstairs window.

10.The wildest videos are of people opening up their car garages.

11.It's downright scary.

12.People are opening their doors only to be faced with walls of snow.

13.How is this even real?

14.People are measuring the snow in *creative* ways.

15.Beer cans being a popular one.

16.But my personal favorite is this person who measured it in dogs.

17.Everything is just unrecognizable.

18.People in Buffalo are comparing the 77" of snow to the height of football player Josh Allen.

That's as tall as this large man.

Josh Allen throwing a football
Icon Sportswire / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

19.Dogs have to use tunnels.

20.People have to "find" their cars.

21.This person's fireplace is just a blob of white.

22.I don't even know how you begin to dig out from this.

23.The snow literally towers over everything.

24.It's a different world.

25."Wonder if we will get mail today?" this person asked.

26."The Gods have given us a plow!" this person celebrated.

27.People are being buried by the stuff.

28.These pictures show how fast the snow fell.

29.29 hours of snow!

30.Here's what it looks like on a playground.

31.And here's what the Bills stadium looks like.

32.It's so bad that snow plows have to be rescued!

33.And the wildest part is that MORE snow is forecasted to fall.

34.But still, don't underestimate the people of Buffalo. They're (somewhat) used to this.

35.And I feel like the only way to end this post is with an obligatory...

36....Go Bills!!