36 Heat Wave Photos That Prove How Dire The Climate Emergency Is

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All over the world, we've all been feeling the heat lately, and it is seriously concerning.

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In ways big and small, there are impacts from these crazy temperatures that we can't ignore.

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These heat wave photos show how things have gotten a lot more intense in the last four years.

1.Did someone ask for fresh honey?

2. All your quicksand fears don't seem unfounded when the literal street is splitting open.

3.They couldn't hook them up with a short sleeve coat?

4. Wax is not the wave right now.

5. And a wax museum? Bad times.

6.The heat is bringing attention to just how poorly we treat some of our most sensitive populations.

7.It really highlights how we take some public service employees for granted.

8.Not to mention the infrastructure really can't handle this any better than the rest of us can.

9. Cars straight-up weren't made for this heat.

10.None of their parts want any parts in this heat.

11. Trying not to judge your manufacturer while combatting 100-plus-degree heat is a challenge.

12. It's not just cars in the US either.

13. Worldwide, people have been struggling with breaking windows...


When your country is just not built for the heat 🔥 #uk #ukheatwave #fyp #2022heatwave

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14....appliances that no longer require preheating...

15....destroying toys...

16. ...and even playgrounds.

17. Even places used to the heat are going through it.

18.Even the simplest things can be turned into an enormous headache.

19. It's hard to get the things you need, depending on where you are.

20.Driving has been made even more complicated...

21....and so have public events.

22.Travel is literal hell right now.

23. There is no shortage of things that need to be replaced.

24. A lot of people are trying to save their (hella expensive) groceries.

25.You know someone had to try cooking in their car.

26. What you probably didn't expect was for it to work, more than once.

27.Once-nice things don't feel so nice when it's a literal sauna everywhere.

28.Some people are going to be forced to have some major work to do on their homes when all is said and done.

29. The heat can get you in a lot of unexpected ways.

30. Businesses are going to have things to deal with too.

31. Even when you can get on with your day, it's still a little jarring.

32. With luck, you didn't have any outdoor events to brave.

33. Nothing makes you thankful for your AC when it's working than your AC breaking at the worst possible time.

34. Except, of course, having none at all.

35. Even your fashion choices are at risk.

36. And they can be a risk if you have to wear a lot of protective gear or A WHOLE MASCOT COSTUME.

What's the heat been like by you? What's the wildest things you've seen? Share in the comments!