At 36, Alexandra Daddario Is All Washboard Abs On Beach Vacay In IG Pics

Photo credit: Theo Wargo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Theo Wargo - Getty Images
  • After a picture-perfect wedding, Alexandra Daddario is soaking up some sun (and some gorgeous sunsets) on a post-wedding beach-y vacay.

  • The 36-year-old actress shared some photos of herself running up the beach at sunset, with her gingham bra top highlighting her totally sculpted abs.

  • Alexandra is always on the move, whether that means paddle boarding, yoga, or a sit-up contest against Zac Efron, and she posts a lot of fun shots from her workouts on Instagram.

On the heels her absolutely ~gorgeous~ New Orleans wedding last week, actress Alexandra Daddario is here with new pics from her beach-y vacay.

The White Lotus star, who previously dropped a video on Instagram of herself saving a turtle from the highway on her honeymoon, just dropped a post of herself running on the beach. In the photo, she’s working a gingham bra top and matching maxi skirt, accessorized with her epically sculpted abs and toned arms.

Alexandra kept the caption simple, writing, “🌅 ☔️.” People flooded the comments with sweet messages. “Beautiful💙💙💙💙,” one wrote. “First picture from Baywatch 2,” someone joked. "Goddess," a third said.

The 36-year-old leads a super active lifestyle—she even recently shared a pic of herself and her sister in matching swimsuits after paddle boarding—but she’s also into yoga.

Alexandra joked back in March that she was “earning peace by sweating in pajamas” while stretching after a yoga class.

She also dropped a video in August of herself going through the moves of vinyasa flow yoga like a boss.

Of course, Alexandra starred in Baywatch back in 2017 and she was super focused on preparing for her role as a lifeguard. She shared on YouTube that she crushed a lot of AMRAP (which stands for: as many reps as possible) workouts with her trainer Patrick Murphy, focusing on moves like lateral raises, reverse lunges, jump squats, push-ups, and stability ball crunches.

Alexandra also didn’t shy away from a little competition, and beat her Baywatch co-star Zac Efron in a sit-up contest. That takes some serious core strength!

But Alexandra eats well to fuel her healthy lifestyle. "When I’m hungry, I want food, like, now, or else I get very cranky," she told Health. Her go-to’s include quinoa, avocado, and chicken breast.

But, naturally, she makes room in her life for treats, too. “You have to indulge or the stress of not being able to enjoy what you eat will detract from any benefits you’re getting from eating healthy,” she said. “Life is really stressful without chocolate.” FACT.

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