34 Celebs Who Flaunted Their Wealth In The Face Of The Coming Recession That Prove Just How Out Of Touch They Are

US inflation is at a record high, and people are struggling to make ends meet. A lot of people are having trouble finding affordable housing, paying off student loans, or even being able to afford enough gas to make it to their job.

plane flying over a gas station with prices starting at $6.39
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Meanwhile, many celebrities seem to live in their own little bubble where none of this is happening. Their high incomes and separation from the rest of society have led to them posting some pretty out-of-touch things on social media — especially having to do with their wealth.

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Now, celebs have done this for a long time, but people are increasingly sensitive about it due to many's current money struggles. Here are just 34 photos celebs have posted on IG that mayyybe should've waited until after the coming recession — or just stayed in the drafts.

I'm only including photos from the last year or so, except for a Logan Paul exception that...well, you'll see for yourself.

1.When Kylie Jenner posted a photo with beau Travis Scott and their two private jets and captioned it, "you wanna take mine or yours?" (We can't embed the photo because Kylie restricted sharing, but here's a photo of Kylie's jet — or check out the photo here):

jet in the plane hanger

2.And when Khloe Kardashian posted pics from the lavish "Kamp Koko" vacation for Khloe's birthday, during which they took Kylie's jet to Turks and Caicos:

3.When 50 Cent shared this photo of the $750K glow-in-the-dark diamond necklace that he bought:

4.When Travis Barker showed off his expensive cars and captioned it, "choose one":

5.When Floyd Mayweather showed off his "light day of shopping" in Dubai:

6.And posted this photo of his diamond chains:

7.When David Geffen posted a photo of his yacht, which he said he was quarantining on due to COVID (he deleted the post, so this is another photo of his yacht, but you can see the deleted post here):

a large yacht
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8.When Bella Thorne posted her custom painted piano...then admitted she doesn't know how to play the piano:

9.When Paris Hilton gave a "boss babe tip" to fly private:

10.And when she posed by her $165K holographic car:

11.When Post Malone posted a video in honor of his two Bored Ape purchases, which totaled $700,000:

12.When Tyga posed with his private jet:

13.And Nicki did the same:

14.As did Gigi Hadid:

15.And Tana Mongeau:

16.When Ciara showed off her Bulgari diamonds:

17.When Kourtney Kardashian posted her private movie viewing on the beach:

18.When Bey casually rocked a diamond choker, and in the background was her collection of luxury sports cars:

19.When Post Malone showed off his customized Rolls Royce, worth over $1 million:

20.When Offset showed off his sneaker collection (he has over 3,200 pairs):

21.When Coco Austin also showed off her shoe collection:

22.And so did Kylie Jenner:

23.When Kris Jenner showed off her family's private tour of the Louvre:

24.When Cardi B showed her house decked out for Valentine's Day, and her new Chanel bag:

25.When Ludacris shared his "hard day at work":

26.When Conor McGregor posted a photo of his $3.6 million Lamborghini yacht:

27.When DJ Khaled shared a photo rocking a LOT of diamonds:

28.And when he posted his diamond watch and luxury car:

29.When Nicki Minaj rolled up to her old neighborhood in Queens (to shoot a music video) in a $400K pink convertible:

30.When Scott Disick showed off his luxury car collection again...and again...and again...and again...and again (click the links to see the photos; Scott's restricted embeds so we can't share the exact photos here, but here's a photo from a tour he gave Architectural Digest):

Scott standing in front of four luxury cars

31.When Jake Paul posted his luxury cars (along with, for some reason, photos with guns):

32.And when he did a photoshoot with yet another luxury car:

33.When Conor McGregor showed off his sapphire-encrusted Rolex:

34.And finally, this was in late 2020 (aka peak COVID and also a time of financial insecurity for a ton of people), but it's so bad I'm including it...when Logan Paul posted the giant suitcase of money he used to buy a $5.275 million Pokemon card: