38 Christmas movies that'll give you a good laugh this holiday season

Giggling is arguably the best way to spend the holiday season.

There are plenty of Christmas films out there that can give you a good laugh, from romantic movies like "Love Actually" to musical films like "Spirited" and fun family comedies like "Elf." And they span generations as well: Go back in time to 1992 with "Home Alone," or fast-forward to 2015 in "The Night Before."

Whatever the genre or decade, a comedic Christmas movie marathon is a good go-to during the holiday season.

Here are 34 Christmas films that will give you a good laugh this holiday season.

'Elf' (2003)

When Buddy (Will Ferrell) is an orphaned infant, he crawls into Santa's bag of presents and is transported all the way to the North Pole. Buddy is raised by a group of elves, but later in life he decides to go on a quest to New York City to find his biological father. When Buddy gets introduced to the real world for the first time, let's just say he's as confused as everyone else is to see him, elf suit and all.

'Home Alone' (1990)

The McCallister's holiday trip doesn't go according to plan when 8-year-old Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally left home alone while his family jets off to Paris. While Kevin is excited to be home alone at first, the freedom doesn't end up being as great as he initially thought. Kevin is left to fight off two burglars, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), which he proves he's more than qualified to do. He set of tricks and traps around his house to catch the two burglars as his family chaotically tries to find their way back home to Kevin.

'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' (1992)

Kevin is left alone yet again. The sequel follows Kevin as he accidentally ends up on a flight to New York City, while his family is on a separate flight to Florida and doesn't realize Kevin isn't with them until they land. Kevin takes advantage of his newfound freedom and goes on to explore the Big Apple, and even checks into the luxurious Plaza Hotel (with his dad's credit card, of course). However, he is then targeted by Harry and Marv, the same two burglars from this first movie, and has to find his way out of trouble yet again.

'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' (2000)

The Grinch (Jim Carrey) doesn't have great Christmas memories, which leaves a strain on his heart that is known to be "two sizes too small." When the festive decorations go up every year in Whoville, he views the whole town negatively — that is, until he meets Cindy Lou Who. A series of events then causes the Grinch to warm up to the holiday that results in making his heart grow, literally.

'The Night Before' (2015)

Chris (Anthony Mackie), Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Isaac (Seth Rogen) have been friends for years, and the three of them have a yearly Christmas tradition. After Ethan's parents died in a tragic car accident when he was young, his two friends wanted to keep him company on Christmas Eve, and that was the start of a meet-up that would occur every year. Now, as the friends are in adulthood and face life changes, this may be the last time they can fulfill their tradition, resulting in a fun, wild holiday for the group.

'Get Santa' (2014)

Santa (Jim Broadbent) gets into an accident with his sleigh before Christmas. While stuck in London with no way to get back to the North Pole, Santa runs into a young boy named Tom (Kit Connor) while trying to retrieve his reindeers, but gets arrested shortly after. Christmas is not far away, and Tom and and his father Steve (Rafe Spall) help Santa get back on his sleigh to deliver gifts to the children.

'Love Actually' (2003)

This holiday rom-com introduces viewers to multiple love stories that come in all different forms, from romantic connections to family relationships and friendships. The prime minister of the U.K. falls in love with one of his staff members, a writer discovers his girlfriend's infidelity and retreats to a cottage where he finds new love, and a married man is attracted to his secretary. The 2003 film follows multiple storylines about the struggle that comes with love.

'The Princess Switch' (2018)

Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) takes a trip to compete in Belgravia's Royal Christmas Baking Contest. But that's not the only royal encounter Stacy has on her trip. When she meets Lady Margaret Delacourt, who is also played by Hudgens, she sees a mirror image of herself. The baker gets to switch lives with Lady Margaret, giving the two a look into a life that is completely different from their own.

'Bad Santa' (2003)

Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) is a thief who dresses up as Santa and robs department stores during the holiday season. Willie teams up with his friend Marcus (Tony Cox), who disguises himself as an elf, to get the job done every year. This Christmas, however, Willie finds himself in unexpected situations, as his scheme leads him to a friend named Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly) and a romantic interest (Lauren Graham).

'Bad Santa 2' (2016)

The sequel came out over a decade after the first film, and Willie is still up to no good. Willie teams up with Marcus once again to rob a charity, but this time, Willie's mother helps them. The dark plan comes with flaws and bumps in the road, and Willie's encounter with his old friend Thurman comes with a rush of emotions.

'A Bad Moms Christmas' (2017)

Christmas can be a hectic time for those who have to plan the whole holiday season. Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) are three moms who not only have to deal with their kids, but their own mothers as well. As their mothers visit them for the holidays, the chaos heightens.

'Noelle' (2019)

Kriss Kringle's plan is to pass along his Santa duties to his son, Nick (Bill Hader). But after Kriss dies and his son is getting ready for his first Christmas as Santa, Nick reveals that he isn't too fond of the idea. His sister, Noelle (Anna Kendrick), understands that the responsibilities are overwhelming for Nick, and recommends he should go away for the weekend to relax. But when Nick doesn't come back, with Christmas fast approaching, Noelle goes on a search for her brother.

'The Santa Clause' (1994)

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) walks in on Santa delivering presents on Christmas Eve and catches him off guard, resulting in Santa falling off the roof. Since Christmas can't go on without Santa, Scott ends up filling in, despite not wanting the job at first.

'Holidate' (2020)

Sloane (Emma Roberts) meets Jackson (Luke Bracey) during the holidays. The two strangers are single and continuously get asked about their dating lives — or lack thereof. To avoid any uncomfortable family conversations, they agree to date each other for the holidays, becoming each other's "holidate" for the season.

'The Muppet Christmas Carol' (1992)

The beloved Muppets embrace the classic Charles Dickens story in "The Muppet Christmas Carol." Gonzo (Dave Goelz) narrates the movie as Dickens, and the movie focuses on Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Caine) as he is visited by multiple ghosts in his sleep, giving him a look into his past, present and future. The spirits make Scrooge realize what he needs to change in his life.

'Almost Christmas' (2016)

Widower Walter Meyers (Danny Glover) hosts his children and their families for Christmas. It's the first Christmas since his wife's death, and whole family reunites for the first holiday season without her. Despite their differences and a good amount of bickering, the whole family ultimately comes together.

'The Holiday' (2006)

Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are each experiencing issues in their relationships. Iris has feelings for her co-worker and Amanda finds out her boyfriend cheated on her. As both of their lives are hectic, they decide to take a break from their own chaos and switch houses. Iris goes to Amanda's Los Angeles home and Amanda heads to Iris' England cottage, and the change ultimately leads them to new people — and new lovers.

'A Christmas Story' (1983)

Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) faces several setbacks when trying to convince his parents to get him the gift he wants: a Red Ryder BB gun. The plot branches out into various adventures throughout the film, from encountering bullies to meeting Santa and dressing in a pink bunny outfit he certainly didn't ask for.

'Miracle on 34th Street' (1994)

An older man named Kriss Kringle (Richard Attenborough) is asked by a department store employee named Dorey to work as Santa Claus at their store for the holidays, and he agrees. However, Dorey becomes concerned after realizing Kriss thinks he's the real Santa and what kind of influence he might have on her young daughter, Susan (Mara Wilson), who she raised to not believe in Santa. Dorey's attorney boyfriend, Bryan Bedford (Dylan McDermott), believes Kriss is telling the truth and provides him with legal support to prove it.

'Arthur Christmas' (2011)

In this film, Santa is not just one person, but a title that is passed down from generation to generation in the Claus family. Malcolm Claus, the current Santa, is planning to appoint his successor when he retires — his son, Steve, being first on the list. However, when the system that they use to send presents malfunctions and one child is left without presents, Santa's other son, Arthur, goes on a quest with his grandpa, Grandsanta, to right the wrong.

'Four Christmases' (2008)

Kate (Reese Witherspoon) and Brad (Vince Vaughn) don't enjoy spending time with their rather chaotic families for Christmas, so the couple lies about being busy and goes away on a trip every year. But when their flights get cancelled and their families find out they're in town for the holidays, Kate and Brad are forced to spend time with their families — and start to analyze their own relationship as a result.

'Christmas with the Kranks' (2004)

The Kranks usually go all out for Christmas. But when Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Luther's (Tim Allen) daughter, Blair, goes away this holiday season, they decide not to decorate and start planning a vacation instead — leaving their neighbors, who depend on their festive traditions, in a very upset state. However, everything shifts when their daughter changes her mind and is coming home for the holidays with her new fiancé, causing Nora and Luther to frantically get back into the Christmas spirit.

'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' (1989)

Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) wants to have a quiet Christmas at home, but that plan gets turned upside down when his whole family shows up for the holidays. Still, he's determined to keep everything in line, but a series of events throw him off guard, and he fights to maintain a perfect Griswold Christmas.

'Deck the Halls' (2006)

Two neighbors, Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick) and Buddy Hall (Danny Devito), go about their holiday season in very different ways. Steve's priorities are based on celebrating a traditional Christmas. Buddy, however, wants to shine brighter than any other house in town. He is determined to have the most lights around his house, and competition occurs when Steve and Buddy go head-to-head to see who has the most festive house in the neighborhood.

'Surviving Christmas' (2004)

Drew (Ben Affleck) misses celebrating Christmas the way he did as a child. He ends up being alone for the holiday, so he takes a trip to the home he was raised in, now owned by the Valco family. He offers to pay the family to let him spend Christmas with them, but on his own terms, and they eventually agree. A series of comedic arguments and events ensues.

'Office Christmas Party' (2016)

When interim CEO Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Anniston) threatens to shut down the Chicago branch of tech company Zenotek, where her brother Clay (T.J. Miller) also works. Clay, his coworker Josh (Jason Bateman) and other employees plan an office Christmas party to impress a client and save their jobs. The party is wild, chaotic and eventful, but also a bonding experience for the crew.

'The Best Man Holiday' (2013)

After 15 years, a group of college friends come together for the holidays. The meetup results in a trip down memory lane, and they are left to resolve past issues and discuss hidden secrets.

'Christmas Eve' (2015)

After a power outage on Christmas Eve, 20 strangers find themselves stuck in six separate elevators. The unfortunate circumstance results in the formation of friendships.

'The Knight Before Christmas' (2019)

After being transported from the medieval times to Ohio by a sorceress, knight Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) meets a teacher, Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens), who thinks Cole is suffering from amnesia. While Brooke is confused by the way Cole acts, knowing his actions don't align with modern day standards, she later forms an attraction to Cole. The love story unfolds in a heartwarming Christmas connection.

'The Man Who Invented Christmas' (2017)

This is a story of when Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol." Dickens (Dan Stevens) is under pressure to write a book. His publishers are asking for a copy, but issues pop up that slow down his writing process. He finally creates his characters, including Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer). The writer uses his own experiences to come up with the story and the characters.

'Just Friends' (2005)

Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) was made fun of for being overweight growing up. Several years later, he is fit and has a successful career. When life takes an unexpected turn and Chris ends up in his hometown during the holidays, he revisits an old crush.

'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' (2011)

Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) receives a package addressed to old friend Harold Lee (John Cho) , who he hasn't seen in years. Kumar decides to personally deliver the package to him, which they open and discover that a joint is inside. One thing led to the next, and the joint ends up burning down Harold's father-in-law's treasured Christmas tree. The two go on a New York City adventure to replace the tree with one that looks identical to the original.

'Daddy's Home 2' (2017)

Dusty Maron (Mark Wahlberg) found a way to co-parent with Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) after Brad married his ex-wife. However, their Christmas is disrupted when both Dusty's and Brad's fathers pay a visit. During the holiday season, the two very different parental figures surface chaos, making the holidays, well, eventful.

'Spirited' (2022)

Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" has seen several adaptations, but this one is a musical. Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds) treats everyone around him badly and doesn't have a lot of empathy. But when the classic story takes its course and he's visited by three ghosts, including the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell), Clint goes through a journey of various periods in his life.

‘Candy Cane Lane’ (2023)

Chris Carver (Eddie Murphy) is having a hard time as he lost his job during the holiday season. So when the annual Christmas decorating contest comes with a $100,000 winning prize, Carver is determined to get first place. Carver goes to a mysterious shop to buy a little too many Christmas decorations, but things go haywire when he fails to notice an important part of a very lengthy receipt the shop owner Pepper, who is actually an elf, gives him to sign. If he doesn't complete the task of collecting five golden rings by 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve, he will turn into a tiny figurine that lives in Pepper's village.

‘A Christmas Karen' (2022)

This film puts a modern-day twist on the classic tale of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Karen doesn't like Christmas, and she's not afraid to let her neighborhood know it. She freely tells people, even children, to stop singing and celebrating. But when Karen has encounters with the Ghosts of Christmas Present, Past and Future, she's given a new perspective and remembers that she hasn't always been a Christmas Karen.

'Falling for Christmas' (2022)

Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) is known as the daughter of a luxury ski resort owner in Aspen. She was raised wealthy, and others consider her to be spoiled. After getting engaged, she suffers a skiing accident and is sent to the hospital, where it's discovered that she's experienced memory loss. Sierra's friends and family can't immediately locate her, and the hospital staff is unable to identify her, but a silver lining occurs: She starts learning a different side of herself and becomes open to meeting new people who live different lives than she does, and she even falls in love with one of them.

'Fred Claus' (2007)

Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) is chaotic and known as the troublemaker in the Claus family. His younger brother Nick (Paul Giamatti) is calmer and quieter, and is there when his brother needs saving. When Fred finds himself in a dark place and gets arrested, Nick has to deal with Fred's troubles yet again. However, this time, Nick gives him some tough love and agrees to give him money under one condition: travel to the North Pole to help with Christmas duties and earn the money himself.

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