33 Cute and Comfy Sweatsuits for When You're Taking a Break From Slaying

I love a glam moment as much as the next. However, I much prefer being as comfortable as possible, especially in the winter, when coziness is key. And few ensembles feel quite as satisfyingly simple as a warm matching sweatsuit.

Whether you're a loungewear lover or naysayer, the perks of a relaxed sweatsuit are clear: It requires little-to-no effort, but can still be up-styled easily. It's also ideal for the rest periods in between (and after) holiday parties. Sometimes, all you need to feel like you've put on a "real" outfit for the day (rather than working from home in pajamas) is a little coordination.

As a WFH uniform, sweatsuits have continuously risen in popularity since the pandemic. (There's been a 62% jump in product options — meaning more brands are churning more of them out — this year alone, according to Trendalytics.) We compiled our favorite options, from classic to trendy to designer, with a number of silhouettes, colors and graphic elements to choose from. Shop the laidback look below.

Ganni Logo Hoodie, $138, available here and Logo Track Pants, $128, available here (sizes S-L)

Samaria Leah Aspen Hoodie, $185, available here and Aspen Sweats, $150, available here (sizes S-XXL)

Eleven x Lacoste Venus Did It First Sweatshirt, $205, available here and Venus Did It First Jogger, $190, available here (sizes XS-XL)

Entire Studios Navy Box Sweatshirt, $120, available here and Heavy Sweatpants, $100, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

Big Feelings Tai Cropped Hoodie, $155, available here and Jodi Jogger, $165 available here (sizes XS-XL)

Crop Shop Boutique Oversized Collar Sweatshirt, $82, available here and Oversized Sweatpant, $74, available here (sizes XS-XXL)

Fiorucci Angels Hoodie, $235, available here and Angels Joggers, $185, available here (sizes XS-XL)

Nuuds Wide Leg Sweatpant, $88, available here and Cropped Crewneck Sweatshirt, $98, available here (sizes XS-XXXL)

Réalisation Réal Sweatshirt, $95, available here and Sweatpants, $95, available here (sizes XXS-XL)

Coachtopia Hoodie, $195, available here and Graphic Joggers, $175, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

Tna Cozy Fleece Perfect Crew Sweatshirt, $68, available here and Cozy Fleece Mega Cargo Sweatpant, $85, available here (sizes 2XS-2XL)

Solely Fit The Oversized Hoodie, $164, available here and The Oversized Street Jogger, $178, available here (sizes S-XL)

Fear of God Essentials Crewneck Sweatshirt, $90, available here and Drawstring Lounge Pants, $95, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

Good American Jeanius Terry Shacket, $139, available here and Jeanius Sweatpants, $99, available here (sizes XS-2XL)

PE Nation Moneyball Sweat, $127, available here and The Original Trackpant, $127, available here (sizes XXS-XXXL)

Los Angeles Apparel Flex Fleece Half Zip Cropped Pullover, $64, available here and High Waist Sweatpant, $64, available here

Saint Michael x Denim Tears Mural Hoodie, $910, available here and Mural Sweatpants, $980, available here (sizes S-XL)

Reformation Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirt, $78, available here and Boyfriend Sweatpant, $78, available here (sizes XS-XL)

House iD Hoodie, $168, available here and Sweat Pant, $128, available here (sizes XS-XL)

Andine Maeve Zermatt Mohair Crop Tee, $120, available here and Soleil Zermatt Mohair Pant, $145, available here (sizes XS-L)

Mate The Label Organic Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt, $158, available here and Wide Leg Pant, $138, available here (sizes XS-XL)

Qynda Funuq Hoodie, $115, available here and Jog Jogger, $85, available here (sizes XS-XL)

Vuori Sedona Half Zip, $98, available here and Sedona Jogger, $98, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

Alo Accolade Hoodie, $128, available here and Accolade Sweatpant, $118, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

White Fox Comfort Club Oversized Hoodie, $60, available here and Comfort Club Sweatpants, $50, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

Donni The Eco Terry Funnel Neck, $164, available here and Sweatpants, $144, available here (sizes XXS-XXL)

That's So Fetch Series 3 Hoodie, $50, available here and Series 3 Sweatpants, $45, available here (sizes XS-XXXL)

Naked Wardrobe Zip Up Hoodie Jacket, $98, available here and Make U Sweat-Pants, $80, available here (sizes XS-XL)

BFF's & Babes Love U More Embroidered Sweatshirt, $65, available here and Love U More Embroidered Sweatpants, $60, available here (sizes S-3XL)

Supervsn Studios Studio Hoodie, $100, available here and Studio Sweatpants, $100, available here (sizes XS-2X)

Meshki Bernie Hoodie, $79, available here and Frankie Jogger, $75, available here (sizes XXS-3XL)

Roam Loud Blanket Unisex Hoodie, $65, available here and Blanket Unisex Sweatpants, $55, available here (sizes XS-3X)

437 The Zip Hoodie, $115, available here and The Track Pant, $105, available here (sizes XS-XXL)

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