The 33 Best Bags From New York Fashion Week's Spring 2023 Runways

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From broccoli pocketbooks to functional sacks, next season's bags are either fantastical or practical — rarely anything in between.

Every fashion week, we don't just pay attention to the clothes going down the runway — we have keen eyes for the accessories, especially the handbags.

When it comes to what we wear, a handbag is a small, but powerful, tool. It can pull an outfit together or be the sole reason you make it through airport security with all your bearings. Past their fashion and function, handbags are increasingly becoming understood as investments, with accessories like the Chanel flap or Hermès Birkin gaining double-digit percentages in value annually.

At shows and showrooms across New York City, Spring 2023 handbags have made their debut on the first leg of fashion month — and they're gaudy and weird and still very likable.

If you get confused because you see someone carry a baguette as a purse next April, we'll tell you now: It's Dauphinette, and it's very cool. We also saw a croissant and a broccoli bag (the former also at Dauphinette, the latter at Collina Strada). But beyond those that look like grub, there are clutches for your next disco party and totes for a walk near the beach. Click through the gallery below to discover the 33 best handbags from New York Fashion Week Spring 2023.

<p>Luar Spring 2023.</p><p>Photo: Imaxtree</p>

Luar Spring 2023.

Photo: Imaxtree

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