32 Things Basically Every Single Person On Earth Has Experienced But Would Never Dare Talk About

Pretty much every single human-being on Earth has experienced...

1.The most audacious of questions:

2.The foolproof way to respond in a boring convo:

3.The lowest point of your life:

4.The quick existence check:

5.The acting performance of the century:

6.The need to make bubbles:

meme of someone blowing into a straw and making bubbles in milk

7.The rapid aging:

8.The eye rub:

9.The necessary restart:

10.This exact thought growing up:

tweet reading remember those days when you missed school and you'd check the time and think they're eating right now

11.The double and triple check:

12.The absolute betrayal:

13.The complete loss of trust:

14.The scam of the important details:

15.The compulsion to draw this exact sun in the corner of a sheet of paper:

sun with sunglasses

16.The blanket conundrum:

17.The fear:

18.The attempt to fly under the radar:

text reading 13 year old me watching tv and not moving a muscle so they don't notice it is past my bedtime

19.The most satisfying smack:

meme about smacking a leaf

20.The instantaneous yacking:

21.The pee-er's dilemma:

22.The desire to completely break the remote control:

"after all why not? Why shouldn't I slide off the battery cover"

23.The transformation:

24.The sweet, sweet relief:

25.The horror... the horror:

26.The stupid check:

27.The struggle of online shopping:

person not sold on 19 5 star reviews but sold on hundreds of 4 star reviews

28.The humiliating double-check:

29.The need to walk around a pool like this:

three ways to walk in water

30.The "I didn't steal anything" walk:

Twitter: @shitpostbale

31.The book amnesia:

tweet about liking a book but not remembering what happening

32.And the squeal: