33 Pieces of Fine Jewelry I'm Eyeing, Because a Girl Can Dream

Anna LaPlaca
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A fun fact about me is that I'm a bit jewelry-obsessed. I've been building my collection of wearable accouterments from when I dragged my parents to get my ears pierced at Claire's and collected every color of jelly bracelets they sold at Hot Topic. Although my taste in jewelry has, how shall we put it, advanced since the early 2000s, I still feel the same need to adorn myself with all manner of hoops, bangles, and pendants. The only difference is that my approach to accessorizing these days is to buy and wear pieces my future granddaughter would be excited to inherit.

Yep, we're talking fine jewelry. Of course, a jewelry box that's filled with nothing but solid gold, precious gemstones, and diamonds is the ultimate goal. But until my bank account and I get to that level, I'm content to daydream about the best fine jewelry pieces I'll own one day. In case it wasn't clear, I've given this imaginary collection a lot of thought and I've curated the ultimate lust-worthy list that's dripping with diamonds, sapphires, moonstones, and more. Daydream with me?

The Last Line Perfect Collar Tennis Necklace ($8535)

Starting out with the classics because our queen Zoë Kravtiz agrees that a tennis necklace is a forever piece.

Spinelli Kilcollin Polaris Set of Four 18-Karat Gold Diamond Rings ($6800)

If I see you wearing this ring, I know you're a fashion girl.

Ef Collection 14k Gold Diamond Baguette Huggie Earrings ($1250)

I wear the plain gold version of these huggies every dang day and I wouldn't mind a little diamond upgrade.

Octavia Elizabeth Imogen 18k Yellow Gold Sapphire, Diamond Ring ($4200)

The kind of ring I would wear every day but treasure for a lifetime.

Completedworks The Transit of Venus Gold-Plated Topaz Earrings ($650)

Stunning from all angles.

Melissa Kaye Aria Moon Small 18-Karat Gold, Enamel and Diamond Ring ($3450)

This neon enamel is so much fun.

J.Hannah Jewelry Chess Inlay Signet in Onyx & Mother of Pearl ($420)

I saw this on the brand's Instagram months ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

Mateo 14-Karat Gold Pearl Anklet ($450)

The anklet to end them all.

Leo Black Baby Grand Mineral Hoops ($1250)

An everyday luxury.

Stone and Strand Le Grande Cupola Ring ($750)

I have yet to see a chunky ring I don't like.

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Mateo 14-Karat Gold, Malachite and Diamond Earrings ($3000)

Just need somewhere to wear these.

Anita Ko 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond Ring ($9450)

A Hailey Bieber favorite.

KatKim Peak 18-Karat Gold Diamond Earring ($875)

You have to what this actually looks like on to get the full effect.

Stone & Strand Sparkle Mini Signet Ring ($395)

Pinky rings are a total vibe.

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Pomellato 18-Karat Rose Gold Bracelet ($13200)

When it comes to links, the chunkier the better.

Bea Bongiasca Baby Vine Tendril Enamel, Gold and Peridot Ring ($675)

Whoever said fine jewelry can't also be fun obviously never saw this design.

The Last Line Yin Yang Earring ($855)

The perfect intersection of my interests: nostalgia and diamonds.

Kinn Solis Ribbed Ring I ($1420)

I'm all for a great diamond ring, but how pretty is this amethyst?

Syna Jewels 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace With Blue Enamel ($1850)

For a little pop of color in my necklace stack.

Nancy Newberg Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold and Silver Mixed Link Split ($4800)

Why pick between being a gold or a silver jewelry person when you can do both?

Carbon & Hyde Diamond Bubble Ring ($4255)

Heavy bands are the superior ring shape, IMO.

J.Hannah Jewelry Glacé Hoop Earrings ($864)

Timeless and modern at the same time.

Deborah Pagani Honey Gypsy Ring ($2800)

I actually said "oh God, yes" to myself when I saw this.

Anita Ko Zoe 18-Karat Gold Bracelet ($7250)

This is a very rich mom bracelet, if you know what I mean.

Jacquie Aiche Pave Emerald Baguette Herringbone Necklace ($4000)

You could tell me this was a vintage piece and I would believe you.

Sorellina Jewelry Small Guitar Pick Earrings ($2800)

I really do go mad for malachite.

Bruce Jewelry Stowe Signet ($1304)

Handmade by jewelry designer Laura Powers in her Brooklyn studio, this is not your average signet.

Mejuri Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Hoops ($795)

Another everyday item I have in the non-diamond version that I definitely wouldn't hate upgrading with some shimmer.

Marrow Peach Sapphire Relic Ring ($6000)

Never seen a heavy band I haven't lost it over.

Anita Ko Hepburn 18-Karat White Gold Diamond Earrings ($10740)

My taste in jewelry typically skews towards vintage and non-traditional as I've showcased here, but I'd gladly make an exception for something as timeless as these Audrey Hepburn-inspired drops.

Colette 18kt White Gold Gatsby Initial Diamond and Enamel Ring ($5705)

There's something so unique about this Gatsby-style initial ring..

Ashley Zhang Jewelry Small Herringbone Necklace ($600)

An everyday staple I can personally vouch for.

Lagos Covet Stone Caviar Stack Ring ($1595)

For all your subtle stacking needs.

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