32 Pictures That Make Me Laugh Until I Pee My Pants No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

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1.The most elaborate gender reveal of all time:

pizza that just reads girl

2.Pacino's lament:

article saying al pacino just forgot to go to oscar

3.Cory's review:

person reviewing pants that didnt rip by saying they fell down a hill and it was fine

4.A husband's expression of love:

person saying their husband goes goblin mode when they have sex

5.The measurement to end all measurements:

police describing the size of a rock as a large boulder the size of a boulder

6.Britney's dilemma:

person who spilled crawdads all over their car

7.A very relatable emotion:

person spelling hamster as hampter

8.The rarest Bible around:

bible signed by jesus that says keep on trucking

9.Everyone's favorite lyric:

person who thinks bitch dont kill my vibe is called please dont kill my wife

10.A technically correct answer:

text reading how many people speak swedish and the answer is at least 5

11.A moment of understanding:

person who doesn't know what wym means

12.The finest of recipes:

person who cooked a bagel and asked for a recipe and just said bagel

13.A most terrible decision:

person who thinks roe v wade is a boxing match

14.A sober moment at the hot dog shop:

hot dog sign reading we forge the chains we wear in life

15.Mom's new twins:

person who says they had twins and someone asks how many babies is that

16.Harry's error:

someone asking why harry potter didnt just use liquid luck to kill voldemorrt and someone says because he is a dumbass
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17.The scariest person around:

person described a picture of them in a mask as spoookey

18.A student's nightmare:

person getting sent a picture of maggie simpson for no reason

19.Glasses removal:

funny exchange where an emoji takes off their sunglasses

20.A quick photo:

person asking for a photo of an item for sale and the seller sends a picture of themselves

21.The question on everyone's tongue:

someone sayiing i'm adopted feel free to ask me questions and someone responds what is the capital of ecuador

22.Grandpa's heartfelt message:

grandpa responding to an ill pet announcement with a pic of brisket

23.The best names:

google search for girl names that start with p and one is pakistan aiirlines

24.A moment of tenderness:

non-sequiter on a dating app of a pic of a burger

25.A measure of difficulty:

person who says giving birth was hard and grandpa says you know what was hard ww2

26.The person from London:

someone asking what a person from london is called and someone responds we call my friend rob
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27.Tons of moans:

quora post about sexual moans and a bunch of exagerrated answers

28.Dave's words of affection:

wrong number text that reads hey dave's my milk

29.A whole lotta beef:

person asks for beef not realizing it's their grand ma ma

30.A most terrifying prediction:

person predicting two things the descruction of mankind and iphone 7

31.Phone settings:

person says their phone is in french someone responds what is wrong with you they say i am french

32.And, finally, Italian names:

person saying italian moms wait 9 months to name their kid giuseppe and someone with that name says fuck you

Poor dude.