32 Painfully Awkward Dating Interactions That Spiraled Way, Wayyyyy Out Of Control

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1.The Y line:

person saying the more y's the more you like someone and they response they get is h

2.The arrest line:

person asking if someone has been arrested as a joke and they have

3.The vegetable line:

person asking what vegetable gives you the most anxiety

4.The squirrel line:

person accidentally calling their baby girl a barbque squirrel

5.The Crocs line:

two people sexting and one says they took off their crocs and the other says to put them back on
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6.The poem line:

poem reading roses are red violets are blue i am bread bread you

My soul is healed.

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7.The heaven line:

text reading did it hurt yah i was talking about the fall from heaven it all hurts my life is pain and suffering

8.The butt line:

person texting if your ass was split horizontally rather than vertically would it clap when you ran down stairs

9.The cars line:

person asking if someone is iinto cars and they think they mean the movie

10.The Kate line:

person saying they love the name kate and want to name their kid that and will name their other kid duplikate

11.The grill line:

person saying they are not a girrl they are a grill

12.The first move line:

person saying make the first move and they say knight to f3

13.The antenna line:

person telliing a joke with no punchline

14.The ice line:

person butcherrinig the polar bear break the ice line

15.The Liz line:

person sayinig the name liz is short of disney's the lizard king

16.The foot line:

person sendging a photo of their foot interlocking

17.The leg line:

text about someone asking if theyd rather lose an arm or leg and they say leg because they need both arms to snowmobile

18.The dog line:

person flirting with a dog

19.The gorilla line:

person accidentally saying baby gorilla iinstead of baby girl

20.The frog line:

tweet of someone saying the their eye looks like a frog in a doorway

21.The fingers line:

person who mispells my fingers as mt fingers

22.The construction line:

text reading dam girl are you a construction worker because you are buildiing

23.The night line:

person mistaking night for a goodnight

24.The fear line:

person askinig what someone's bbiggest fear is and they say beiing forgotten and say mines the kool aid man

25.The other frog line:

person saying you're the best frrog i've ever had when they mean girlfriend

26.The kissing line:

someone sayiing they want to kiss someone everywhere and the other person makes a long list of jokey answers

27.The eyeball line:

weird text of a person making an emoji thanos with the eyes emoji and it looks strange
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28.The cute name line:

person making up an increasingly absurd list of cute names

29.The inside line:

person saying it's on the inside that matters and they say an example of that is a fridge

30.The corny line:

guy saying he has a massive cotc craving and he means massive corn on the cob craving

31.The food line:

text conversation of someone saying you know what would be sexy eating food off eachother and the other person says you did not do the dishes
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32.The John Denver line:

person singing country roads take me home and the other perrson finishes the line and they say if you insist