32 Off-Season Travel Spots For Every Month of the Year

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Hate loud crowds? Here’s where to go and when. (Photo: Thinkstock)

It’s all fun and games until your vacation spot gets too crowded.

For travelers who like to escape from the masses, Marriott International – the massive hotel company that includes its eponymous line, the Ritz Carlton, and Edition Hotels, among others – released a handy infographic with the 32 best off-peak destinations. The list addresses vacationers with a love for light crowds and low budgets.

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The results are derived from tourism guides rather than calculated survey data, with sources including the New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Learnvest, Transitions Abroad, and Dual Income No Kids Life

The picks span an entire year, with two or three cities listed for each month, so you have a handful of options ready for whenever you’re ready to travel. The breakdown starts with general planning tips for each season: visit the wine country during the winter when tours are less frequent; spring is a great time to hit the slopes because they’ll be less populated.

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Where to go for each season of the year. (Photo: Marriott International)

Some of the tips might even surprise you. For example, you might think that beaches are an overrated no-go for the summer, but since so many beaches are open closer to home (and hurricanes may be on the way), tropical beach destinations are cheaper. Meanwhile, fall is prime time to catch up on the places you missed in the summer.

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Head to New York City in January (if you dare to brave the cold), Thailand in June, Miami in October, and Washington D.C. in December. Find where else to visit for every time of year in the graphic below.


Would you do Virginia Beach in January and Denver in May? (Photo: Marriott International)

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