32 Double Date Ideas That Are Twice the Fun

Maybe you’re easing into a new romance and could benefit from the company of another couple to ease the dreaded awkwardness of a first date, or perhaps you’re experiencing a long-term relationship rut in which you and your partner spend more time looking at your phones than you do gazing into each other’s eyes. Either way, our roundup of double date ideas, which includes everything from candle making class to kayaking, won't disappoint.

30 Anniversary Date Ideas That Aren’t Dinner and a Movie

1. Cook Dinner at Home

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Host a dinner party in which both couples help with the cooking. Everyone is sure to have a blast in the kitchen, and if each person works on a different dish, the end result will be a veritable feast.

2. Host a Game Night

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Why limit yourself to two-player games when you can invite another couple over and double the fun? Here are some party game ideas to get you started.

3. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

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If the weather permits, head to a drive-in movie or set up a projector screen in the backyard for a viewing experience that’s more social than sitting in a movie theater and decidedly more exciting than watching from your living room couch.

4. Go to a Concert

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If you and your double date friends share a similar taste in music, score some tickets to see a favorite artist together—just be sure to grab a bite to eat after so everyone has a chance to gush over the highlights of the performance.

5. Find a Trivia Night

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Introduce a little friendly competition into your relationship by splitting into teams and testing your general knowledge at a local trivia night. When the game is over, the winning couple drinks for free.

6. Visit a Museum

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Soak up a little culture by pairing up with another couple for a tour of a nearby museum, followed by some stimulating conversation over lunch. (Hint: This one is ideal for a rainy day.)

7. Take a Candle Making Class

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Couples who participate in the fun, hands-on activity will be rewarded with mood lighting for later.

8. Do Volunteer Work

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A few hours spent cleaning up a local park or volunteering at a soup kitchen is a feel-good way to socialize with another couple whilst bonding with your SO.

9. Head to the Roller Rink

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Hand-holding is recommended; good times are guaranteed.

10. Go Apple Picking

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Movies are great, but they can’t rival the magic of a live stage performance, be it an off-Broadway musical or a dramatic play put on by the local theater company. (Psst…if you live in a city that hosts a Shakespeare in the Park festival, we highly recommend scoring some free tickets to the show.)

11. See a Show

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Movies are great, but they can’t rival the magic of a live stage performance, be it an off-Broadway musical or a dramatic play put on by the local theater company. (Psst…if you live in a city that hosts a Shakespeare in the Park festival, we highly recommend scoring some free tickets to the show.)

12. Go Bowling

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This team sport is conducive to conversation breaks, requires minimal athleticism (no judgment if you opt for bumpers) and pairs beautifully with frosty beer and French fries.

13. Go Wine Tasting

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Meeting up for drinks at the local watering hole is great and all, but swirling and sipping the day away on a scenic vineyard is an infinitely more romantic idea for a double date.

14. Have a Beach Day

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An off-season beach hangout is a casual but intimate way for coupled-up friends to connect. Bonus points if you build a bonfire after sunset for toasting marshmallows and staying warm.

15. Go Rock Climbing

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Hitting the elliptical at your local gym with another couple? Awkward. Indoor rock climbing, on the other hand, is an endorphin-boosting workout that’s actually fun to do with as a double date activity.

16. Take a Hike

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In case you missed it, exercise floods the brain with feel-good chemicals. Accomplish this with a couples’ hike on a scenic trail nearby and be sure to pack a picnic so you can take in the surroundings and enjoy the natural high without hanger standing in the way.

17. Go to a Sporting Event

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Social bonding, yummy snacks and cold beer are among the rewards of rooting for the home team at a local sporting event.

18. Check Out a Comedy Show

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Whether you score tickets to see a comedian you know and love, or take a risk on local talent at an open mic night, laughs are likely and a lively atmosphere is guaranteed.

19. Make It a Karaoke Night

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Rent a private room at a karaoke bar so you can really let loose, or participate in a public karaoke event and see which couple’s duet gets the loudest cheers.(May we suggest Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to really get the crowd going?)

20. Unwind at a Local Spa

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Book a spa day as a double date so both couples can enjoy a little intimacy and lots of R&R. You’ll likely split up from the other couple for spa treatments, but the gang can come back together in the common areas or at the spa restaurant once the pampering is complete.

21. Go Camping

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Pack your sleeping bags and pitch a tent (or two) for a true camping experience, or opt for a glamping trip with resort-style amenities—either way, everyone is sure to benefit from the time spent outdoors.

22. Get Together for a Grill Night

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Whether it’s in someone’s backyard or at a barbecue in the local park, an al fresco dining experience featuring good eats from the grill and even better company spells double date success.

23. Take an Exercise Class

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, breaking a sweat is seriously good for romance. The thought of spending the day in an indoor gym might not sweep you off your feet, there are plenty of exercise classes—both virtual and in-person—with double date potential. (Think: Ballroom dancing or pilates.)

24. Go Kayaking

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To rock the boat, don’t rock the boat, baby. This serene and intimate water activity is a no-brainer for couples who appreciate the importance of teamwork and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

25. Browse a Flea Market

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From whimsical tchotchkes to antique treasures, you never know what you’ll find at a flea market. Turn the shopping trip into a double date and you’ll be assured an array of quirky conversation starters.

26. Go to an Amusement Park

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This one’s especially great for a first date—you can get to know each other while waiting in line, have a little friendly competition in the arcade section, and get your heart pumping on the rides.

27. Go Skydiving

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Calling all adrenaline junkies: Free-falling from the sky with your SO and another couple is about as thrilling a trust exercise as you can find.

28. Try Your Hand at Ax Throwing

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Even the happiest of couples get a little irritated with each other every once in a while…blow off some of that steam with this fun stress-relieving activity.

29. Visit a Planetarium

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Star-gazing is a lovely date idea that’s sadly not so easy for city folk to enjoy. Invite another couple to tag along to a planetarium instead so everyone can appreciate the celestial beauty without any pesky light pollution ruining the romance.

30. Take a Painting Class

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Sign up for a paint and sip class with your double date friends for a day of creative expression and skill-boosting artistic instruction.

31. Go to an Art Gallery

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Partial to seeing what other, more talented folk are capable of doing with a blank canvas? No problem—plan a day of gallery hopping for a double date that provides aesthetic enjoyment and conversation fodder, to boot.

32. Visit the Botanical Garden

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Speaking of aesthetics—there are few public spaces as pleasing to the senses as the botanical gardens. Carve out some time to stop and smell the roses with another couple for a double date that sets the stage for romance

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